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Horse Tracks: Team focus shines so far at OTAs

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Do you want to know one of the big reasons the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50? Teamwork. It may be a old and cliche, but it is alive and well in Denver, Colorado in and among the football team we love to cheer for.

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Here's what I love about our Denver Broncos: we don't just pay lip service to the word "team." There are guy on the team that sign team friendly contracts to stay with Denver. There are coaches holding players accountable to each other instead of to the coaches or front office. The "No Fly Zone" is back and all of them are talking about what they collectively are going to accomplish this year.

It seems such a simple thing that is almost remedial when you step back and look at how the game of football works. You need 11 guys executing a plan together on the field of play to succeed. You would think that means that teams would dial in and have each other's backs.

Sadly, that is not necessarily the norm in the NFL. The great teams have it in spades while the majority of the NFL constantly grasp at straws in this arena.

When you get away from the field of play, it becomes very easy to get hyped up about the talent a team has, the coaching ability that has to date not been tapped fully, and how easy that schedule looks like. Then you get nonsense about the friggin Oakland Raiders winning the AFC West. Then you get the bullshittery of the Kansas City Chiefs being a lot of MSM talking head's picks to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Here's why the fans of the chefs, faders, and sparklers are going to continue to be the butt of our jokes: they don't have the right level of "Team" in the locker room or on the field. They don't collectively believe in each other as brothers going to war with each other like our team does. They don't have coaches who are giving them the kind of "Iron sharpens iron" messages that gets them the kind of group buy-in like we have in Denver.

This team has guys like Derek Wolfe talking about retiring in Denver and standing in front of the mic preaching about the standard this team sets for itself. It has C.J. Anderson not only applauding his main competition's bravado, but talking about how he's going to help Booker learn as fast as possible because the team sooner or later is going to need him to know his stuff. We have a coach taking that same RB's talk and pointing it toward the team and speaking of how he needs to prove it to them.

So sure, some other AFC West team could win the division this year, but I'll believe it when I see it. As for me and mine, we will be betting on the Orange and Blue.

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