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Demaryius Thomas and T.J. Ward crack NFL's Top 100 list

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Two of the best players on the Denver Broncos received some recognition by making the NFL's Top 100 List. The list is voted on by the players, so I would consider it a big deal professionally to get this kind of recognition from your peers.

Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Two more Denver Broncos players hit the NFL's Top 100 list this week. T.J. Ward at #68 and Demaryius Thomas at #62. They join Emmanuel Sanders (#74) as the only Broncos' players on the list so far, but there are still 60 players yet to be named.

T.J. Ward led the NFL's top ranked No Fly Zone pass defense and also had himself both an interception and a critical fumble recovery in Super Bowl 50. His fiery leadership is almost akin to being the tip of the spear on the NFL's most dominant unit.

After being unranked in 2015, it is good to see Ward get the recognition he deserves.

Demaryius Thomas has probably the most maligned Bronco player on the team right now, despite having himself the 7th best season out of all wide receivers in the league statistically.

That said, he did have a down year. The drops were the most frustrating part, but even with that he still snagged 105 receptions for 1304 yards and six touchdowns. You would be insane not to want that kind of production for your number one wide receiver.

At #62, he did fall from #20 last season on this list. However, there is no denying that Thomas is still an elite talent in this league.