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Horse Tracks: Championship trophy presentations can be awkward

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With confetti and excitement soaring high into the air after the Super Bowl's final seconds ticked off the clock, it's easy to see how incredibly difficult to keep one's wits about them. Winning a Super Bowl is a rare event and to that end, nobody is practiced or well versed in how to do it. It's because of this, awkward moments are borne. Here's a look at some of those moments during the Super Bowl 50 trophy presentation that would make even Larry David cringe.

I've watched the original broadcast of Super Bowl 50 at least fifteen times since that glorious night. It's the perfect thing to have on while folding laundry, washing dishes, and to demonstrate that 'Dabbing' is stupid waste of time. I love every minute of that broadcast, especially the trophy presentation.

Trophy presentations are always somewhat ugly. You have the on-air talent, team ownership, league officials, the commissioner, players, and past players all very excited to be a part of what is the apex of their sport. They all have a role to play and none want to stomp on the toes of another... yet... yet, it always happens.

A couple years back, NBC's Dan Patrick asked Rob Gronkowski what it was like to win the Super Bowl again after the Patriots won against the Seattle Seahawks. Great question, but Gronk was drafted in 2010 and was nowhere close have participated in those Patriots winning teams. Awkward.

It happens. No big deal. It's kind of endearing that people who quite literally do this sort of thing for a living can get so flummoxed by the moment. So what about the Broncos moment? Were there any awkward moments during the Super Bowl 50 trophy presentation? You betcha!

Terrell Davis Hands off the Trophy

The NFL is such a strange place. How they came up with the idea of having Terrell Davis (MVP of Super Bowl XXXII) hand the trophy off to Joe Namath (MVP of Super Bowl III) who then handed it off to Lynn Swann (MVP of Super Bowl X) before handing onstage for presentation boggles my mind. On what level does having Lynn Swann being the last 'presenter' touch it make sense? It's not numerical... and every former player was an offensive one. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Also can you imagine any scenario where Davis would present a trophy to the Steelers...? That would never effing happen. Sure Swann is a legend, but why not keep this moment in the Broncos family? Awkward.

Talib the Loose Cannon

After Janet Jackson's wardrobe oopsie during the Panther's last Super Bowl loss, I can see why television producers' would have an itchy finger over the 'dump' button. While the trophy was being marched to the stage, Broncos corner Aqib Talib held up one of the team's surface tablets with 'World Champs' scrawled onto it. Talib was waving the sign around and yelling so much that someone made the decision to dump the audio and video. In an instant, the thunderous horns of celebration and Lynn Swann were cut away from to show some stock footage of the stadium with ambient crowd noise, most likely from during pregame. Awkward transition there fellas! I can't say for sure that Talib used a bad word (nor do I care either way), but in that moment they need to have a better way of doing that sort of thing. Awkward.

Annabel Bowlen's Reasoning

We saw this in the AFC Championship trophy presentation. It's quite clear that the first lady of the Broncos did not want to touch the trophies. Judging from how Jim Nantz was seemingly so worried about passing the trophy over Annabel to Joe Ellis, it's clear that there was definitely a conversation about her not wanting to touch it All this is moot, of course, because during the Super Bowl parade just a few days later she'd apparently become comfortable enough with it to waive it around atop a fire engine.

Goodell Gets No Respect

Jim Nantz was so focused on getting the Lombardi trophy passed to Joe Ellis (so that Annabel didn't have to touch it) that he either forgot or didn't think to let Roger Goodell speak before presenting the trophy to anyone on the team. Twice he tells Goodell to pass the trophy over before finally Goodell forces his moment to congratulate everyone involved. Forgetting to let the commish speak? Awkward.

Pay Attention, Joe!

When Goodell wraps up his words about the Broncos and is finally ready to release the trophy from his concussion-denying claws, Joe Ellis is deep in conversation with John Elway and doesn't realize that it's his turn to accept the trophy on the team's behalf. All the while, Annabel is trying her damndest not to touch the trophy that Goodell is waiving over her head. It's not until Nantz shouted a stern, "Joe! Joe!" that Ellis realizes that despite all efforts to prevent it, Annabel has just been made to touch the trophy. Awkward.

Annabel's Words

You can tell from Annabel's face that she is none-too-happy about having to help pass the trophy from Goodell to Ellis. Bottom line, it looks awkward. Then she goes on to read from her prepared words about how proud she is of the team and city of Denver. She only stumbles once in her words and that's over the words 'Denver Broncos,' which is somewhat funny. Don't get me wrong, I love our first lady of Broncos football, but there's got to be a whole lot going on there that we, as fans, don't get to see.

Poor Ditka

During the broadcast and during the trophy presentation Jim Nantz kept saying that Gary Kubiak would be the first head coach to win a Super Bowl for a team on which he played. That would indeed be a remarkable feat, if it were true. However, Mike Ditka coached the Chicago Bears, a team on which Ditka played on from 1960-1966, to a Super Bowl XX win. I guess Buddy Ryan still gets all the credit for that one. Sorry, Ditka!  Cough, cough... Awkward.

There is nothing like a Super Bowl trophy presentation, especially one for the team you live and die for like the Denver Broncos. Emotions are high. Excitement is high. There's confetti all around. How much Budweiser will Peyton indeed drink? These moments, for all their gangly awkwardness, are all moments that were unique to the Broncos Super Bowl 50 experience. Frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way.


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