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What is the Broncos' biggest weakness this year?

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The Mile High Report staff give their biggest weaknesses on the team. The offense gets all of the votes, because the losses on defense isn't going to be a huge enough impact on how well that unit plays.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Earlier today we talked quarterbacks, but now its time to get serious. The Denver Broncos may be the reigning Super Bowl champions, but that doesn't mean they don't have weaknesses heading into the 2016 season.

Whether its inside linebacker or the defensive line, or sticking with the quarterback situation. There are positions on both sides of the ball that are big question marks this early into the offseason program.

Offensive Line (x4)

The offensive line. We have one full time starter returning on the OL. While Okung may be an upgrade over Harris. Garcia may never be the run blocker that Matthis was. Whoever starts at the other guard spot may never be the pass blocker that Vasquez was. - Joe Mahoney

The Broncos biggest weakness this year is the exact same as last year. The offensive line and quarterback position are giant question marks heading into the 2016 season. The difference is, last season we were not aware that the QB position would be as problematic as it was. I believe Russell Okung is an upgrade at left tackle, but that really only makes up for the loss of last year’s best offensive lineman, Guard Evan Mathis. Not only was Mathis the best on the Broncos line, he was a top 5 guard in the NFL.

My current belief is that this line, in terms of talent is only slightly better than last season. You could argue that with the loss of Evan Mathis that they aren’t any better. The one advantage they have in addition to being more familiar with the scheme is that the offense will not change due to who is starting at the quarterback position, and that’s the biggest reason I have hope for their improvement. - Brandon Perna

It is still the offensive line, but thankfully, I don't think that weakness is as great as it has previously been. Even though the line is young, it has been bolstered with some true athletes and strongmen in Russell Okung and Connor McGovern. With a better run game and more traditional Kubiak offense, this line will have a chance to gel more quickly and improve more gradually - two things I think it will do throughout the season. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Offensive line, let's put it this way, Denver's one camp injury away from having Michael Schofield as a starter for the remainder of the season. Russell Okung is on the ultimate, 'prove-it' contract, but is coming back from injury, Donald Stephenson is seemingly injury-free, but Sambrailo is also coming back off of an injury. Eek. - Ian Henson

Quarterback (x4)

Last year our biggest weakness was our offensive line. I don't think that is going to be the problem this year. Between our rookie QB and veteran journeyman, I fully feel like QB play is going to be the big problem this year. - Sadaraine

The biggest weakness this season will be the quarterback play. Whether it is Mark Sanchez or Paxton Lynch, there will be no real improvement from Osweiler/Manning to either of the QBs on the roster. Even with improved offensive line play, the quarterback will be the weak link. - Adam Malnati

No matter how you slice it, the Broncos still do not have the position figured out. Even if Lynch wins the battle, it will be a year or so before he starts having the kind of consistency you would hope from a franchise quarterback. Until then, we just have to hope the team gets more big plays than bad ones from their offense over the course of the season. - Tim Lynch

It’s said so much it is cliché but it’s a QB driven league. You either have your guy, or you are frantically trying to find your guy. Until Denver can for sure have a guy that they can win with, the QB position will remain our biggest weakness. - Nastyj

Running Game

Until we see it in action, the running game. For this team to do anything, the Broncos have to run the ball at will. It must look like a Gary Kubiak offense. If that doesn't improve, it doesn't matter who plays quarterback. - Ian St. Clair

Tight End

The Broncos biggest weakness this year is the tight end position. Virgil Green has yet to make an impact as a receiver in his NFL career, Jeff Heuerman is an unknown commodity and Garrett Graham is a prototypical journeyman player. The unit lacks depth and high quality players that are crucial to Gary Kubiak's system. Expect the Broncos to use a high pick on a tight end in 2017 if the trio of tight ends on the roster don't perform well. - Christopher Hart

Broncos County, what do you think the Broncos' biggest weakness heading into 2016 is? Sound off in the comments section and give us your pick!