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What is the Broncos' biggest strength this year?

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Yesterday the Mile High Report staff discussed the areas of concern on the Denver Broncos for the upcoming season. Today's first question addresses what part of the team is the Broncos' biggest strength in 2016.

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Yesterday we talked about weaknesses on the Broncos roster, but now we will address the strengths of this years team. The Denver Broncos soared to the top of the league as NFL champions on the back of their defense in 2015.  Will the strength be the same in 2016 or will another position, perhaps offensively be this teams' bread and butter?

The answers are in and by a wide margin, the defense takes the cake with praise from members of our staff.  Enjoy the conversation and don't forget to give your opinions in the comments as well.  As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful Sunday!

The Defensive Front Seven

The front seven. period. exclamation point.  - Joseph Mahoney

The Secondary (No Fly Zone)

I'm going to go with our secondary on this one. The front seven get all the talk because of the spectacular pass rush, but they don't get home if our secondary can't cover for those first couple of seconds in smothering fashion. We have the best corners in the league and I'd argue the most talented starting safeties in the league as well. - Sadaraine

Bill Kollar? I say that only partly in jest because I credit that guy with so much of the heart and toughness this defense plays with every down. But to answer the question, I believe the biggest strength of the team is the secondary. The No Fly Zone didn't lose any starters but just got another year of chemistry to work its magic. And based on all reports so far, rookie Justin Simmons is likely going to be able to fill the rotational role left open by David Bruton, so the best secondary in the NFL just got better. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Easy.  The No Fly Zone.  Can you think of a better unit in the entire NFL than what the Broncos have in their secondary?  Adding rookies Will Parks and Justin Simmons only improves an area that eviscerated opposing passing attacks in 2015. To believe they can get any better in 2016 may be expecting too much, but all the players have a chip on their shoulders and want to continue to show the NFL why they are the best there is, was and ever will be. - Christopher Hart

The Entire Defensive Unit

This is too difficult to choose. Is it a) defensive line, b) linebackers, c) secondary, or d) defensive coaching? Yes please! Yes to all. The defense is once again going to be our biggest strength this year. Does it start with the front 7 putting pressure on the QB to let our secondary dominate? Or is it our secondary giving the QB a split second of pause to allow the front 7 to destroy them?

Again, I just don't know. I'm sure it's both. That's how good they are, and that's how good they will remain. Malik who? Oh, that cat on the Jags who now sucks without his beastly teammates to take the pressure off of him? That guy? Why are you missing that guy? - Pete Baron

Defense. I don't care what other teams did to improve, the Broncos defense will still be the best unit in football. The talent level from top to bottom is just insane. The one weakness would be injury as the Broncos really only have quality depth from the outside edge rusher position. The rest is sketchy at best once you get past the starters and I would include Bradley Roby as a starter in this context. - Tim Lynch

Defense, and the ability to say, "Hey idiot, remember when we won Super Bowl 50?" to whoever the hell they want.  - Brandon Perna

Duh, defense. The whole damn unit. - Ian St. Clair

Defense. Specifically the secondary. They're returning all 5 starters and will have had a year in the scheme. If guys stay healthy back there, Darian Stewart is right when he says it's gonna be hell out there for teams trying to throw on them. - Jeffrey Essary

Defensive Leadership

Defensive leadership. Pick a position on the defensive side of the ball, and you have guys who can play with the best in the game, and guys who are great leaders. DeMarcus Ware makes that defense better because of the type of leader he is. The No Fly Zone is filled with guys who are solid leaders. This D should only get better.  - Adam Malnati


Their coaching, back to the quarterback position, Gary Kubiak has consistently proven that it does not matter who he has at quarterback, if he has a good defense, he's set.

Cut to: Defense, despite what certain outlets would have you believe Denver is nearly the same exact defense. Malik Jackson was good, Danny Trevathan was good, but neither were irreplaceable and they've been replaced by players that were already on the team. That's some pretty solid depth. Plus Wade Phillips is coaching. - Ian Henson

Broncos County, what do you think the Broncos' biggest strength heading into 2016 is? Sound off in the comments section and give us your pick!