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That's Good Broncos recaps the final day of Denver's Draft

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Warning: Brandon Perna has a potty mouth and makes funny innuendos.

The final day of the NFL Draft netted the Denver Broncos some quality depth and potential impact role players. Brandon Perna of That's Good Broncos breaks down each pick to close out the draft weekend. His breakdown of how worthless draft grades are hurt my soul, but then he used Bleacher Report as a point of reference and it fixed everything.

The best pick on day three was Devontae Booker, but Perna really has it on for fullback Andy Janovich. Connor McGovern is the strongest man alive and safety Will Parks likes to hit people. And finally, punter Riley Dixon may be the most explosive punter in NFL history.

Be sure to check out Perna's recap of the first two days of the Broncos draft.