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Von Miller's dancing (with the stars) days are over; time for the MVP to dance on the field

Doing his final DWTS number to Elvis, 'The King' put on a great show. But now Von Miller's football fans need edge rusher to get off the dance floor and come back home.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Eventually it had to happen.

Von Miller couldn't keep up pretenses as #BlondeMiller too much longer - regardless of the Dancing With The Stars judges - so it's just as well they sent Miller and partner Witney Carson home after Monday's "Icons Night."

The Broncos' offseason is over after all, and the Super Bowl champs need their MVP back in the locker room.

Plus, John Elway just knocked out his best draft yet, Broncos' new rookie QB is already on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated and the team just started Phase 2 of voluntary workouts, which included getting on the field for the first time in three months.

Time to get serious.

Appropriately dressed as The King for what turned out to be Von's finale on DWTS, Miller and Carson glitzed up the salsa to Elvis' "A little less conversation, a little more action."

Scoring just 24/30, my favorite DWTS reviewer, Maggie Fremont of Entertainment Weekly, was not impressed by the stingy scores.

"Judges, we need to have a frank discussion. If you can give Ginger Zee a perfect score, you can find it in your hearts to reward Von and his sparkling personality higher than a 24. A 24? Did you not see the hips? The pop of the shirt? Those sideburns? Von Miller is having fun, and it is infectious."

Right?!?!? (by the way, Maggie, are available to ref some games this year?)

Judge Bruno Tonioli compared the dance to Kama Sutra, calling it "different but effective."

Not effective enough to stay on the show another week apparently.

But Broncos fans will be happy with this because now Miller can turn his attention to football and maybe even his contract - or to his contract and maybe even football. Choose the emphasis you prefer.

Currently Miller has an unsigned franchise tag while he holds out for a long-term deal. In Denver a week ago for his Von's Vision event, the edge rusher told reporters he isn't worried about getting a deal done.

My teammates know what type of teammate I am. The Broncos know what type of guy I am. I'm expecting a deal any day. That's just the mindset I have.  -Von Miller

"My teammates know what type of teammate I am. They know what type of guy I am. It's just the business part of it. There's really no hard feelings or anything like that," Miller said of his holdout. "(The Broncos) know what type of guy I am. I'm expecting a deal any day. That's just the type of mindset I have."

The Broncos and Miller striking a deal "any day" is not very realistic, but I think we can all agree that it's time to listen to Elvis - "A little less conversation, a little more action."

Wait a that I think about it...perhaps Miller was sending Elway a subtle message?

"C'mon, satisfy me baby!"