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Will there be quarterback competition on the Denver Broncos this season?

Mark Sanchez is the starter and presumably Paxton Lynch is the backup with Trevor Siemian rounding out the roster for quarterbacks. How much competition will there be before Week 1?

You can already see two camps forming in Broncos Country. One is already all-in on Paxton Lynch starting week 1 for the Denver Broncos, while the other buys into the thought that he is too raw to play in the NFL as a rookie and Mark Sanchez must be the starter.

The truth is, no one really knows anything right now. Lynch could be too raw to play as a rookie or he could ramp up so quickly that he finds himself the starter Week 1. Those kinds of things vary from person to person. We are assuming based on what we saw from him in college, but we really don't know how he will respond to being a professional football player.

That said, how much quarterback competition will there actually be in training camp this year? Do any of you think the coaching staff is going to push Lynch to overtake Sanchez? Our friends on The Afternoon Drive discussed the possibilities on Tuesday after noting that both John Elway and Gary Kubiak suggested all three quarterbacks have a chance at winning the starting job by Week 1.

Frankly, I think that is exactly what they should do. The hope is clearly that Lynch will show enough to the coaching staff that he is ready for the ups and downs of a rookie NFL season, because there is doubt that Sanchez will be able to recapture the success he enjoyed early in his career under Rex Ryan.

Do you agree with that sentiment or is this job Mark Sanchez's until he plays so terribly that Kubiak has no choice but to throw the rookie to the wolves?

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