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Horse Tracks: Who wants it bad enough?

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We are now in the most dry part of the year as far as NFL football goes, but this is the time of year where some players are putting in the extra time and effort to perfect their craft.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Who is going to elevate his play to the next level?

The players who are putting in the work.

Here in Broncos Country, we are very familiar with this concept. Peyton Manning may have become an aging player before our eyes, but there was no end to the dedication he had to his craft and the standard he set for the rest of the team.

Nastyj dropped a link late last night for us that I found supremely interesting and humbling. Take a peek if you will to this (in my mind) premium track for today:

In the line of fire
NFL O-linemen have never had it so tough, and everyone has an opinion, especially those who 'don't know how to buckle a helmet.' Here's what four linemen have to say about the hardest job in football.

There's so much interesting info there directly from NFL players. There's shade thrown on all of us in the media (and especially PFF) about how much flak we give to the linemen and how in their opinion it is useless.

There's also a lot of talk about how little true coaching is happening for the linemen on how to actually block. If you believe what they are saying, many coaches aren't getting to the micro-level of coaching that they need in order to become better at their craft.

This leads to an O-line boot camp of sorts, and I for one commend them on it.

I also commend them on speaking out and being frank about their jobs, their take on the media, and today's game and how different it is from a few decades ago.

I've made my meager name on the Internet by having a critical eye and trying to learn more about the game I love at a deeper level than just "where did the ball go?" While the feedback these guys give has merit, it is good to see they keep their focus on their jobs. At the end of the day, we out here with the fans don't know the play call, the assignments, the techniques called for, or the intricacies of how line-play works. I think that is a good reminder to always throw a "in my opinion" when we dissect their play.

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