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Brandon Marshall is the most important signing the Denver Broncos need to make before 2017

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John Elway likes to extend certain players during the regular season. The Denver Broncos have three good candidates for such an extension, but who should Elway target?

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The Denver Broncos have a single priority between now and July 15th and that is getting Von Miller re-signed to a long-term contract. However, after that is finished, John Elway can begin looking ahead to 2017. Elway has targeted certain guys for contract extensions during the season and I think he will do it again this year.

Who should he focus on?

There are three guys that I believe are worthy of getting that extension early. Emmanuel Sanders, Darian Stewart and Brandon Marshall.

My favorite player on the list is undoubtedly Sanders and while I think he will be re-signed, I think Elway should pursue that after the season. Stewart's fate will be decided one some rookies that Elway drafted, which is unfortunate because he was quietly the Broncos MVP in that No Fly Zone. That leaves Marshall, who I consider to be one of the most important core players on that #1 defense and he has already been a favorite here on MHR as the guy the Broncos should extend this year.

He hasn't been quiet about wanting a contract extension either.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive also discussed who the Broncos need to get re-signed. They agreed that Marshall would be the most important guy to get re-signed early, but debated whether or not he is a bit disgruntled over the lack of a deal earlier. A 'hometown discount' may not be forthcoming from him because of it.

And really, the idea of a 'hometown discount' is overrated anyway. Marshall will want a bigger contract than Danny Trevathan and rightfully so, he outplayed Trevathan.

That means Elway will need to offer something north of what the Chicago Bears gave Trevathan in March. Trevathan signed a four-year $24,000,000 deal with $12,000,000 fully guaranteed, according to Over The Cap.

Is Brandon Marshall worth that, plus some?

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les discuss the rookie defensive additions to the Denver Broncos with Nick Ferguson.