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Football Outsiders predicts the Denver Broncos will finish with 6-7 wins in 2016

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So much for that No Fly Zone or that devastating pass rush. The Broncos will dive into complete disarray in 2016, according to the people at Football Outsiders.

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The defending Super Bowl champions are returning 9 of 11 starters on their historic 2015 defense and have likely improved on offense with either Paxton Lynch or Mark Sanchez based on the overall quarterback play from Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler in 2015, but that doesn't appear to factor in much for the people at Football Outsiders.

Todd McShay released his 2017 Mock Draft using Football Outsider's way-too-early record projections for each team. The Denver Broncos will be drafting 14th overall. I couldn't care less about the mock pick. It's the draft position and record prediction that makes no sense.

People outside of Denver are probably sick of hearing about the disrespect Broncos players and fans keep harping about, but its not like we're all splitting hairs over Top 3 or Top 5. People are actually projecting the Broncos to have their worst record since the Josh McDaniels debacle in 2010.

They seem to ignore the fact that John Elway has fielded a competitive team every year he has been running the franchise. The Broncos won an AFC West title with Tim Tebow for crying out loud. In 2015, new Broncos head coach navigated through a Hall of Fame quarterback whose body was failing, a benching for an inexperienced one in Brock Osweiler and a return for a playoff run that led to a Super Bowl championship.

Sorry Football Outsiders, but your record projection for the Broncos is ignoring a whole lot of factors that are key to winning games. I look forward to the Broncos once again proving the haters wrong.