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Horse Tracks: Ping-pong ball edition

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The NFL has it all wrong. One of the highest rated shows in prime time is flawed. What we need is to revamp the draft so it's more like the NBA. Who wouldn't watch a show predicated on watching ping-pong balls that didn't involve paddles or cups of beer?

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Okay, I'll admit it. After the draft, things slow down for football bloggers. Mike Florio of PFT fame clearly was also feeling the panic that I felt this morning in not knowing what to write about. His article about the NFL Draft adopting an NBA-style draft lottery is ludicrous.

Granted, I think it's super interesting that the NFL used to have a lottery. I find it even more interesting that it revolved around a bonus first round pick and had nothing to do with draft order. I don't find it interesting that it was abandoned after only ten years of use... I only wonder how they came up with such a silly idea and why it persisted for so long.

Of all the things wrong with the NFL, the draft is not one of them. Granted, I'm still annoyed over the move from the Saturday/Sunday format to prime time, but progress is progress and the NFL doesn't want me watching in my jammies.Fair enough.

Is tanking for a draft pick really all that pervasive? 'Sucking for Luck', as it were? I'm sure that it happens, but, unlike with the NBA and other sports, with so few games on the schedule, there is no guarantee that a team that's tanking will get a top three pick. What do I mean?

In 2010 the Broncos finished with a 4-12 record, the same as the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals. Were it not for the types of losses the Broncos got, Von Miller's selection would never have happened because Denver could have selected as high as fourth and not second overall. So yes, you may lose, but there is no guarantee that your loss will catapult you to the top three. Especially when there are other teams (Oakland, Cleveland) faining at football so effortlessly.

Also, lets be honest, a win is a tough thing to come by in the NFL, especially if you're lousy. If you've only won two games all year, it's pretty unlikely that the coach is making many plans for next season.

Lastly, I don't think the NBA style draft is a good idea because it's freakin' stupid. Ping-pong balls? Really? You're wanting to turn one of the biggest nights of the offseason into a lotto broadcast? You're going to sacrifice the possibility of pre-draft trades like the ones we saw this year to the suspense of ping-pong balls?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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