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Denver Broncos only team with two position groups in NFL's Top 10

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Bucky Brooks gives his top 10 position groups heading into 2016. The Denver Broncos are the only team with two position groups on the list.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

If you guessed both position groups were on the defensive side of the ball you'd be called Captain Obvious for pointing that out. Bucky Brooks from gave his Top 10 position groups heading into 2016 and it wasn't just offensively or defensively. It was top 10 period.

The Broncos' pass rushers came in 6th overall, but the leagues highest ranked pass rush unit on Brooks' list.

6) Denver Broncos' pass rushers

The pass-rushing combination of Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and Shane Ray is a lethal weapon for an ultra-aggressive play caller like Wade Phillips. The threesome features a dynamic DPR (designated pass rusher) in Miller and a pair of explosive situational rushers (Ware and Ray) with exceptional first-step quickness and acceleration. In a simplified defense that allows pass rushers to freely hunt quarterbacks off the edges, the Broncos' trio could surpass their remarkable output from a season ago, when Denver led the NFL with 52 sacks.

Bucky Brooks didn't even mention Shaquil Barrett, who might just be the most underrated player on the Broncos roster.

Then right behind the Dallas Cowboys scary good offensive line comes a portion of the No Fly Zone that contains Chris Harris Jr., Aqib Talib, and Bradley Roby.

2) Denver Broncos' cornerbacks

It is easy for Wade Phillips to craft an aggressive game plan when he has three premier cover corners at his disposal. Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. are household names as Pro Bowl playmakers, but it is possible that Bradley Roby could emerge as the team's top cover corner based on his rapid development on the perimeter. In an aggressive blitz-heavy scheme that places a premium on corners winning their one-on-one matchups, the Broncos' talented trio makes life difficult for pass catchers attempting to post big numbers on the perimeter.

As Broncos fans it's easy to agree with this as the Broncos defense is otherworldly good. To have just one position group in someones top 10 is awesome, but two? Love it.

The reactionary analysis to what the Broncos lost in free agency is slowly waning as people remember how many dynamic duos the Broncos defense still has and that maybe this team is still a lot better than people realized.

I'll certainly take this kind of analysis from major media over the garbage they were putting out six weeks ago. How about you?