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Mark Sanchez could cost Denver Broncos a 6th round draft pick

The seventh round conditional pick the Denver Broncos traded to the Philadelphia Eagles could turn into a sixth round pick if Mark Sanchez starts more than four games in 2016.

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

It was originally reported that the Denver Broncos traded a conditional 2017 seventh round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for Mark Sanchez. However, Bleeding Green Nation noted Wednesday that if Sanchez starts four games then the trade condition changes to a 2017 sixth round pick.

Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice explains the trade in detail.

According to a source, the Eagles will receive the Broncos' seventh-round pick if he makes Denver's roster. It will become a sixth-round pick if Sanchez starts at least four games.

The sixth-round pick, however, requires further explanation. The Broncos had previously traded their 2017 sixth-round pick as part of a package to acquire tight end Vernon Davis. They do, however, own the Titans' sixth-round pick in 2017, which the Eagles would receive instead in that scenario.

I think it is clear Sanchez is going to make the final roster, but with Gary Kubiak saying that the Broncos quarterback position up for competition the second part of this trade agreement is up in the air.

It is too early to tell which quarterback is going to have the upper hand by the end of training camp. Even so, Sanchez as a backup is a fairly valuable proposition and worth the seventh round pick. If he starts, then that too will be worth the sixth round pick as it means Paxton Lynch isn't ready to take the reigns yet.

All in all, the trade itself worked out well for both teams. The Eagles saved $4.5 million in cap space, whereas they would have only saved $3.5 million had they cut him. While the Broncos got themselves a veteran quarterback with big game playoff experience.