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Sorry Broncos fans, Trevor Siemian is not winning the starting quarterback job

Can't believe this is even being discussed.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After some "coach speak" by Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak, second-year quarterback Trevor Siemian has suddenly become a fan/media favorite/underdog to win the starting quarterback job.

Kubiak was asked about Siemian's chances of winning the starting quarterback job and Kubiak did what a good head coach should do. He said the right things and didn't throw his player under the bus.

Naturally, fans and the media either ignored this fact or ran with this underdog story and ignored the facts that are sitting right in front of them.

Kubiak told reporters "not to sleep" on Siemian.

"I think Trevor has a maturity to him. He's kind of the sleeper, I would say. Trevor knows the offense. He's very comfortable and can throw the ball too," said Kubiak "We've also seen him make big plays in the preseason games under the lights. I wouldn't sleep on Trevor to win the job, either."

Kubiak does say some nice things and true things here about Siemian. He did look good last preseason and still wasn't 100% because of a healing ACL injury. With that said he was going against some players who never have or will play a regular season snap in the league. That makes it hard to really judge how well he really was doing. Many quarterbacks have looked good in the fourth quarter of a preseason game and have amounted to nothing in this league.

Also, the whole "I wouldn't sleep on Trevor to win the job, either" line is coach speak. What else is he going to say? "Yeah, Siemian has a very low chance of winning the job, but he's out here competing anyways". That kills the morale of the player and just looks bad even if it is true, and in this case, it is true.

Another reason why Siemian will not win the starting job is the old saying "Actions > Words".

If General Manager John Elway and Head Coach Gary Kubiak thought their second-year quarterback could win the starting job, why did the Broncos try to pay big money for Brock Osweiler, or almost trade for Colin Kaepernick or call the Eagles about the availability of Sam Bradford, or bring Brian Hoyer in for a visit all after already trading for Mark Sanchez. Oh yeah, John Elway went into the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft targeting quarterback Paxton Lynch and even traded up to get his guy.

These actions right here tell me everything we need to know about how the Broncos feel about Trevor Siemian winning the starting job this season. If they felt like he could win the job this year, why would they consider spending a bunch of money on Osweiler, trading pick or picks for Colin Kaepernick and Sam Bradford, or bringing in a vet like Brian Hoyer, or you know, trading up for a quarterback in the first round of the draft. That right there should have killed any whispers of Siemian potentially winning the job this year.

After spending a first-round pick on Lynch, the Broncos coaches will be spending plenty of time with their new quarterback of the future, and will be giving him more snaps so he can grow into the player they think he can be. The only way for a player to grow is giving him snaps. If they thought Siemian could be the guy, why would they bring in a guy who will eventually start eating up his snaps?

Sure they are splitting snaps evenly right now, but it is just OTA's. Lynch just joined the team a month ago, Sanchez is still learning, and currently, Siemian knows the system better than those two. This figures to change when Training Camp begins in late July.

Now while I do not think Siemian has a realistic shot at winning the starting job, I think he could make Mark Sanchez expendable if he performs well AND Paxton Lynch wins the starting job. This would mean the Broncos would only carry two quarterbacks, but that's not something Gary Kubiak seems to do, so the likely outcome will be 1. Sanchez/Lynch 2. Sanchez/Lynch 3. Trevor Siemian.

In the end, all this hubbub from fans and the media about Siemian being a "dark horse" for the starting gig reminds me of the past fascination for the Broncos third string quarterback. Siemian will now join Zac Dysert, Adam Weber, Tom Brandstater, and Bradlee Van Pelt as offseason feel-good underdog stories that pop up during the spring and summer months.

Sorry Broncos fans, Siemian isn't winning the job, it isn't a "fair competition", and the Broncos are going to start giving their first-round pick more reps going forward.