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Denver Broncos need to extend Emmanuel Sanders

Von Miller is the clear headline when it comes to contracts this offseason. However, Emmanuel Sanders should be pretty close to the top of John Elway's list right now.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are in contract negotiations with some key players right now. Everyone knows that Von Miller is working on a mega deal that will make him one of the highest paid players in the NFL. However, John Elway has some other contract that will definitely impact the Broncos this season. At the top of that list is Emmanuel Sanders. Broncos Country loves Sanders, and with good reason.

If you have a Twitter account you have probably tweeted @ESanders_10 and included #followmeE. I have. He is a huge fan favorite. He says all the right things. He plays the game right. If you haven't take a quick trip over to his Twitter page. Every tweet is about the team, about giving 100% effort, and about his love for his team and the fans. It took him almost no time to become a huge fan favorite.

Sanders was the first to say Super Bowl or bust last April before the season. He has fully bought into John Elway's mantra of winning now and in the future. Success in the NFL is fleeting, and Sanders knows what is takes to be great. He works hard, plays hard, and expects to win every time he steps on the field. Broncos fans feel giddy when he speaks, because he embodies everything we want in a player.

Not only does Sanders inspire fans by always giving his all, he is fun. He introduced himself as Demaryius Thomas to Paxton Lynch. He cracks jokes, smiles, and laughs. It seems strange, but he takes his profession seriously, while not being too wrapped up in himself. Bronco fans love the guy.

While Elway works to lock up the defensive leader, there is a clear void in leadership on the offensive side of the ball. Sanders can fill that void, and be the guy who steps into the leadership role that Peyton Manning left behind. His teammates will rally around him, and whoever ends up the quarterback can lean on Sanders while learning the offense.

Sanders is not due for a new contract until 2017, but why risk it? Why let him see the open market. He will demand a huge contract once he hits free agency, and the Broncos can afford to get a deal done now. Something in the range of 8 to 10 million for four years is possible, and relatively cheap for keeping a player who means more than just production. Get it done!