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Denver Broncos have one of NFL’s biggest quarterback headaches

The Denver Broncos may have questions about the quarterback position heading into this season, but John Clayton clearly forgot how much of a headache the quarterback position was last season. The Broncos will be just fine.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Minicamp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

According to John Clayton of ESPN, the Denver Broncos have one of the NFL’s biggest headaches at the quarterback position heading into 2016. In short, nothing has changed since 2015.

Coach Gary Kubiak's biggest headache was last season. Peyton Manning's skills were rapidly eroding, and Kubiak had to sit down one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Brock Osweiler bailed out the team but threw two interceptions in the season finale, and Kubiak went back to Manning. The Broncos won the Super Bowl, and Kubiak proved Denver can win with lower expectations from the quarterback position. Now, the Broncos have a three-way battle at quarterback heading into training camp. Mark Sanchez is the leader. Trevor Siemian is the sleeper. Paxton Lynch is the future. Last season, from Week 10 through the Super Bowl, the Broncos averaged only 20.9 points a game and had 20 interceptions in 11 games. Wade Phillips' defense is the painkiller for Kubiak, but the team knows it has to win with defense and running the football.

Prediction: Sanchez will win the job.

Gary Kubiak already had to navigate a rather uncomfortable quarterback situation in 2015 that ultimately led to Brock Osweiler not only leaving Denver for the Houston Texans, but spurning the Broncos at every turn regarding post-Super Bowl events.

As bad as Peyton Manning was, the Broncos came out of that rough 2015 quarterback situation with an improbable Super Bowl championship.

It may have all worked out for the best with Paxton Lynch now the future, but in 2016 the Broncos do have quite the conundrum at quarterback again. It should come down to Mark Sanchez and Lynch for the final starting position and if Lynch wins out there won’t be an controversy as Sanchez does not have the NFL Legend status that Manning had.

In a way, the Broncos quarterback situation in 2016 is less of a headache now than it was last year.