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Other defensive signings around the NFL will only help Von Miller

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When the Philadelphia Eagles dropped a reported $63 million in guaranteed money on Fletcher Cox on Monday, Von Miller's asking price went up. Such is life in the NFL and John Elway probably isn't too happy about it even if he understands it.

The Philadelphia Eagles did something a bit crazy, but they did lock down a good player. The issue for the Denver Broncos is that Von Miller only had his position strengthened by this new contract for defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. The actual guaranteed money is around $55.5 million in the first two years, which is all anyone is going to look at.

John Elway is going to have to top that now. Why?

Because Von Miller is a better player and a bigger difference maker than Fletcher Cox. And it's not even close.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive called Miller a transcendent player and I agree with that statement. His career arc is headed straight towards a gold jacket and a bust in Canton. Would anyone besides an Eagles homer say the same about Cox?

The only caveat that could be argued here and it is a weak one if you are Elway is that the Eagles throw money around like it's free. In fact, they have nearly double the guaranteed money tied up in their salary cap than the next closest team.

The market is the market and Von Miller shouldn't back down from his negotiations with Elway. A hometown discount at this point would be in the $58 million guaranteed range. That will lock down the greatest outside pass rusher of this generation through his prime. Seems reasonable to me!

Bonus Listen

Mike Pritchard chats with Goodman and Shapiro about the negotiations with Von Miller and the Denver Broncos. He noted what we any rational person would know, which is that Miller should not take these negotiations personal. It's all part of the process.