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Horse Tracks: Shannon Sharpe brings humor to Von Miller contract squabble

At the Super Bowl ring ceremony on Sunday at Mile High, the former Broncos tight end tried to help thaw any icy feelings.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

Leave it to Shannon Sharpe to bring humor to a situation that needs it in desperate fashion.

In case you haven't heard, the Von Miller contract situation has hit the absurd.

We're now wondering if Miller cropping John Elway from a photo at the White House says anything. So if you've ever cut your mom or any family member out of a photo, you hate them. For those who push this narrative, hopefully they never cropped a loved one out of a photo.

Shameless people.

As most sane individuals have said, this happens regularly. Every. Single. Year.

The media pushes the  "oh my God, a deal will never happen. How will the two sides ever reach a deal, let alone fix the broken relationship" narrative, then become shocked when a deal does get done.

Enter the bombastic former Denver Broncos tight end.

At the Super Bowl ring ceremony on Sunday Night at Mile High Stadium, Sharpe used his humor and intelligence to - in the words of one of those media types pushing that nonsensical narrative, Mike Klis - thaw some icy feelings.

According to Klis, "Sharpe passed around a plate asking for money to help pay Miller's contract. The biggest contribution was made by former Broncos receiver Rod Smith. Peyton Manning and DeMarcus Ware also pitched in big dollars."

Klis mentions another instance when the Broncos ran out of keys to unlock their Super Bowl ring boxes.

"No need to be alarmed,'' Sharpe told the crowd. "What happened, everybody, was we ran out of money because we've got to pay Von.''

Sharpe went on to say he's disappointed in how things have gone, pointing out that the rest of the 2011 class has gotten a new contract.

"You know what the going rate is," Sharpe said in Klis' story. "I understand where John is coming from. He's not thinking like a player anymore. He's thinking like an executive. That's why he's been so successful at this. He's taken the emotion out of being a player. That's why he was successful in the car dealerships.

"That's why the Broncos have enjoyed so much success. For the most part, when he's done something, he's been very successful at it. Because he's able to take the emotion out of it. I understand he's looking out for the best interest of the Denver Broncos. But he must understand Von Miller is a business, also. He's looking out for the best interest of Von Miller.''

Sharpe should know this is how negotiations work. So should Miller. The phrase "It's not personal," is one of the most condescending things someone can say to you. It's not personal to the person saying it.

In this case for Miller, it's not personal.

Sharpe hinted at how difficult Elway's job is. He must look out for Miller but also the Broncos. Elway cannot look out for one and ignore the other. But at the end of the day, the organization comes first. Any future offer and eventual deal has direct correlation to the success of the franchise.

That takes time.

That takes patience.

When you consider Elway wants to lock up Brandon Marshall and Emmanuel Sanders to long-term deals as well, his job gets more difficult.

For those hooting and hollering "Why is this taking so long?" those examples are why. Wouldn't you rather Elway ges it right the first time? That he does right by Miller and the Broncos? Then in the process Elway also extends and keeps Marshall and Sanders?

That takes time.

That takes patience.

Elway and Miller have around a month to get this deal done, that being July 15th. That's the only deadline that matters, and as the saying goes, "Deadlines spur action."

By the way, reports said at the ring ceremony that Elway pulled Miller aside.

No one but those two know what was said, but, hopefully, Elway told Miller to ignore the media. Nothing that has been reported is true. That he wants Miller in Denver for the rest of his career, and it's not personal. It just takes time.

Oh, and that he wasn't offended Miller cropped him out of the photo.

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