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Von Miller: "I want to be a Bronco forever. I just want the feeling to be the same from the Broncos."

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Von Miller says he wants to be a Bronco forever, and says he won't sit out the season.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller appeared on Chelsea Handler's show on Netflix and talked about multiple different topics, including his current contract negotiations with the Broncos.

Miller told Handler that he wants to be a "Bronco forever" but wants the same feeling from the team.

As we know, the Broncos offered Von Miller a contract last week, but he quickly rejected their offer. The deal the Broncos offered Miller was low on guaranteed money, and he's looking for something a bit higher than that.

Apparently the two sides weren't on good terms after that, but things apparently improved after Elway pulled Miller aside during Sunday's ring ceremony and talked to him for a few minutes. It's unsure what was said between to the two, but they're on speaking terms and that's a positive step in the right direction.

Miller continued to sound optimistic that a deal would get done by telling Handler that he doesn't plan to hold out and sit out the season(or games) if a deal doesn't get done.

He says he just enjoys playing with T.J. Ward, Talib, Kayvon Webster, DeMarcus Ware and others and wants to continue building a relationship with those guys.

He also said that he believes a deal will still get done and that they still have a month to go until the deadline.

This is probably going until the final hours or minutes of the July 15th deadline, but I expect Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway and the Broncos will make sure Von Miller stays a Bronco forever.