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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos tradition and what it means to be a fan

Most fans of the NFL don't get it. The Denver Broncos aren't some new scrub team that got lucky. They've been leaving a wake of greatness for years.

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I was having a spirited debate earlier this week with a Jets or Seahawks fan (not sure which as he kind of claims both) and was laying down some No Bull truth on our team in response to his trolling.  His apex moment was trying to remind me that our team got straight dunked on in Super Bowl 48. I thought it would be worth sharing some of that with you all (humor is the offseason and literally every angle of any recent news worth covering has been covered).

What our tradition looks like from a guy who's watched the team since the 80's

Denver’s been a relevant team for decades. The ownership’s drive more so than the majority of owners in the NFL is to win championships. Making money isn’t enough. Losing records don’t cut it. When the franchise starts falling short of realistic expectations, change happens in short fashion (see Josh McDaniels and Mike Shannahan’s firing in the 00’s, Wade Philips in the 90s, and John Fox recently).

It isn't that other owners don't fire staff.  It is that this owner and the team has historically not hesitated to change direction when they can't see the promised land on the horizon.

Every decade I’ve watched (dating back to the 80’s) has been an absolute blast with very discernible achievements. I’ve learned over watching so long that enjoying a season for me means my team makes it to the playoffs. That’s it. I don’t need wins in the post season. I don’t need a Super Bowl victory. If we make the playoffs, that’s a season I’ll drink to.

So don’t worry one bit about me remembering Super Bowl 48. I remember that season so fondly. It was awesome. The final game wasn’t what you want to see, but the season itself was great.

You know what was really awesome about it? Elway got his first big indication that Fox didn’t have the goods to finish the job. That season led us to focus on getting the best defense in the NFL. It also led to Fox’s firing, Kubiak’s hiring, and more importantly Wade Phillips getting hired. All of these moves added up to a Super Bowl victory.

Blessed. That’s what we are as fans of the Broncos.

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