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Broncos' Demaryius Thomas more comfortable in the offense, not concerned about QB

That's Coach Gary Kubiak's territory, and No. 88 is confident he'll have a starter in place in enough time for proper QB/WR chemistry.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Do you know the difference between Demaryius Thomas and most Broncos fans right now?

Well, aside from the obvious fact that he's an elite athlete and one of the best wide receivers in football, of course.

Here it is -€” the Broncos' No. 1 wide receiver is not freaking out over who is going to be the Broncos quarterback when Week 1 rolls around.

"Whoever it is, they've been looking good," Thomas said Wednesday after practice, adding that he's gotten the most reps with Mark Sanchez but has been catching balls from all of them. "Everybody has their own ways. We've been making completions here and there."

And Broncos' No. 2 receiver isn't freaking out either. Last week, Emmanuel Sanders told reporters that the media will "say what they want to say about the offense [last year], but we got the job done."

Sanders says the goal is absolutely the same - and just as doable.

"Obviously, last year we won the Super Bowl. ...That's our goal again this year. Our goal is to win games," he said. "At the end of the day, as long as we win the game, we can poke our chest out and say forget what you're talking about. We're over here winning games."

See? No need to panic.

Admittedly, "completions here and there" isn't as solid as we'd probably like to hear, but it's still too early to freak out and waste time proclaiming the goods of any one quarterback - and/or bemoaning the flaws of another - just yet.

Because here's the crazy part -€” head coach Gary Kubiak will make that decision.

And No. 88 is confident the chemistry between wide receivers and the chosen one will be just fine too.

"It's going to come either way," DT added. "Coach Kubiak is going to make the decision I'm sure weeks leading into our first preseason game, so we'll have enough time to get that connection down."

Although the Broncos no longer have Hall-of-Famer Peyton Manning or (...shoot, what was that other guy's name? I keep forgetting him) -€” Thomas believes the Broncos offense is going to better this year.

"The first year it was tough because you're used to just throwing the ball -€” throwing the ball the past four years," Thomas said. "Now that it's our second year in it, the guys have bought into it. We've got the guys and brought in the guys that fit the offense. I'm looking forward to it."

The key phrases there being "that fit the offense" and "looking forward to it."

With players made for Kubiak's scheme plus a full offseason of training for Thomas, I'm betting that DT's bumpy introduction to this offense last season is long gone and this year will be another record-setting one for No. 88.

"We put in some new stuff," Thomas said. "Just to be here and to get reps, with the new offense and stuff that we put in, I'm more comfortable."

Thomas admitted that last year was tough when he got to training camp and they threw everything at him at once (*editor's note: really biting my tongue from a rant about franchise tag players not practicing here, but I digress...)

"It was difficult at times, but it was a little different because of the timing and different routes and stuff like that," he said. "Now that I'm here, the timing will be better."

See? No. Need. To. Panic.