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Should Broncos be worried about being swept by Oakland?

The Afternoon Drive took a look at the ESPN ranking of the rosters of all 32 NFL teams. Somehow, the Broncos roster is ranked 11, while the Chiefs are ninth on ESPN’s list, while the Raiders come in at seven.

There is no question that the Chiefs and Raiders are talented, but to rank both rosters above the defending Super Bowl champions seems ludicrous. Rather than complain about how much disrespect there seems to be for this team, let's just move on, knowing that Denver has more talent on just the defense than most teams do on their whole roster. Eric Goodman, and guest host Shawn Drotar got into a discussion about whether or not the Raiders could sweep the Broncos, and how Mark Sanchez is not good enough to lead this team.

Kind of all over the place, but let's start with the possibility that Oakland could sweep the Broncos. The cliche goes, "Any given Sunday any team can win," but let's take it a step further. Is there any position, other than quarterback, where Denver is less talented than the Raiders? Offensive line? Does that mean that Oakland can sweep Denver. Also, shouldn't we factor in the importance of division rivalries?

Can Oakland beat Denver? Of course they can. They did last year. Does that mean the Broncos should be worried about a sweep? Probably not. Denver is too dominant on defense, and has too much talent to be swept by any team in the AFC West. The Kansas City Chiefs are getting better, and San Diego pays people to play on their team. However, the Broncos have the best defense in the NFL, one of the best coaching staffs, and they will likely be playing with a chip on their shoulder.

How could they not? Has there ever been a defending champion with this much doubt being hurled at it from the media? And the guy with the biggest chip? Mark Sanchez. Is he a great quarterback? Not really, but he will have the opportunity to play in an offense that should put him in a position to succeed. When Sanchez was taking the Jets to AFC Championship games he was on a team with a great defense and a good running game. The Broncos already have a great defense, and Gary Kubiak wants to run the football. If Sanchez is the week one starter, this Broncos team is perfectly suited to his abilities.

Essentially, Sanchez will be told not to turn the ball over. Do this, and the Broncos won't be swept by anyone, and a shot at a repeat will be a real possibility. Don't do it, and Paxton Lynch will get his chance earlier rather than later.