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Horse Tracks: Von Miller's contract negotiations enter 131st day

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It has been 131 days since the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. That means this Von Miller silliness has gone on for far too long. The ups, the downs, it's all just a little too much to follow on a day-to-day basis..

Chelsea Handler: Breaking Von Miller contract news since Wednesday.
Chelsea Handler: Breaking Von Miller contract news since Wednesday.
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Did you see what Miller tweeted? Or what he said on Chelsea Handler's show? He did that to John Elway? Oh Shannon Sharpe, you so funny with your collection plate!

Frankly, all this got old months ago.

Some Broncos fans are irate with the team that Miller hasn't already been paid. Other fans are mad that Miller clowned Elway on social media. A few fans are in full meltdown over the possibility that Miller may sit out some or all of the 2016 season. While, smart fans know that's just not going to happen and all  this posturing happens every year. A deal will get done.

Remember all the hyperventilating over Ryan Clady's contract a few years back? Demaryius Thomas last year?  The acrimony that dominated those negotiations was quickly replaced by hugs, handshakes, and big smiles on all sides.

Sure, you can ride the ups and downs of offseason contract negotiations if you're into that sort of thing... But fair warning, you may have to get your sports news from Chelsea Handler. Nobody deserves that.


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