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No Bull Review: Reality Check for Trevor Siemian

It is the offseason and we're all stir-crazy for anything football. Let's get some perspective on the Denver QB situation. Do the coaches love Siemian? Is Lynch a shoe-in to start week 1?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I read Scotty's well written piece on telling everyone to chill out on the Trevor Siemian hype and needless to say I have a different perspective to bring to the table.

Writing off Siemian is a big mistake

There's so many real reasons that no one should be ignoring the idea that Siemian could start week 1 for our Denver Broncos:

  1. If he didn't have work ethic, we would have found another option
  2. He has more experience in the system than any other QB on the roster
  3. He did actually look like a decent QB in his pre-season action last year
  4. It isn't like the competition is steep

There's just no way he's not putting in the effort

I wouldn't write the guy off because he's such a late round pick. The thing about late round QB picks is that there usually isn't much of anything expected from them. Heck, coaches have a hard time even finding ways to get them meaningful practice snaps at times.

This causes these guys to work harder than anyone least the ones that make themselves into something (Tom Brady comes to mind...hate him all you want, but that dude works his tail off to be great and he has since he was drafted).

I haven't heard one bit of news that says Siemian slacks off. If I've missed something, please fill me in.

Experience is a big deal

If this kid has his head screwed on straight, he should know the playbook really well at this point. It isn't like he's been having to do much of anything else dating back to last pre-season. This can be a big bonus in a QB competition like we have going at Dove Valley.

Since he knows the system well, he's not having to work hard to remember the calls. He can focus more of his attention on reading the defense, figuring out what route he's going to throw, and helping his teammates. The other two QBs should catch on at some point, but shaky snaps don't help their case with their teammates or the coaches.

The talent is there

I said this last pre-season: the kid looks good on the field. Better than Dysert ever did. I was clamoring last year to see him line up with the 2s so we can see more. I hope to heck we see him get some action with the 1s this preseason so we can find out if he really looks the part or not.

Say what you want about his play, the criticism that he didn't play against anything but scrubs is real and it is 100% accurate. He looked good throwing against NFL wash-outs.

But do you know what? Good QBs in the NFL look good against wash-outs.

He isn't having to beat Manning this time

I'm a positive person by nature. I would like to think any QB on our roster could turn into the next John Elway (GOAT in the NFL ever, TYVM). But you guys also know that I'm all about keeping it real.

Do I think Mark Sanchez can succeed in this offense? Sure. But dude...he's a pretty janky QB as far as talent goes. I don't know if his poor under pressure play will ever be repaired. If there is a consistent pass rush, the chances he turns the ball over doesn't just skyrockets.

Also let's get some reality checks going on Paxton Lynch. Not only is this kid a rookie, but he's also coming from a system that is VERY MUCH NOT an NFL pro-style offense. He's used to running a version of the spread offense. His reads were simple and he wasn't asked to make progression reads. It is going to take him time to get into the swing of things as far as running our offense.

My take on our QB situation

Our Broncos are finding the best fit right now. There is no clear-cut big time answer for who's starting week 1. That isn't going to be figured out until probably the third week of the preseason. I still tend to think the job is Sanchez's to lose since the team will want a veteran QB behind the center. That being said, he's still Mark Sanchez.

Always keep in mind that the quotes we hear are probably more than 60% bull. There's agendas for the players and coaches who have to talk to the mics of the media. They don't always line up with the no-bull truth. What if they want to drum up trade interest from another team? What if your veteran QB and 1st round draft pick look like a cow patty so far?

What if Trevor Siemian doesn't actually suck?