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MHR Hall of Fame 2015-16: Who are the best modern-era Broncos?

NOW you can nominate Dennis Smith, Tom Nalen...

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

OK, Broncos Country, it's time to think of the best Broncos (players, coaches, execs) after 1991 - and boy, could it be a long list!

Al Wilson, maybe? Tom Nalen? Gary Zimmerman? Ed McCaffrey? Simon Fletcher? Dennis Smith?


You get the idea.

Broncos who are eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Denver Broncos Ring of Fame would be excellent examples of candidates for the Broncos category in the Mile High Report Hall of Fame.

Current active players and personnel associated with the team are not eligible. A player/coach/exec must be removed from the Broncos for at least four years in order to be eligible. And the players already selected are not eligible either: Floyd Little, Randy Gradishar, John Elway, Terrell DavisKarl Mecklenburg, Steve Atwater, Shannon Sharpe and Rod Smith - are no longer eligible (for obvious reasons)!

For a comprehensive list of the rules, see the introductory post.

How to nominate

In short, leave a comment!

You can nominate a member of this three-time Lombardi-winning franchise by leaving a comment below. There are three easy ways to do this:

  • In the subject line, write, "I nominate [Broncos name]" and in the body of your comment, note the reasoning behind your nomination.
  • Quickly leave your nomination in the subject line and then work on the reasoning for your nomination as a reply to your original comment.
  • Write a Fanpost - which is highly encouraged to get more visibility and support - and then link it in a reply to a comment in this post. For example, two years ago, a Fanpost nominating Randy Gradishar did an excellent job highlighting all of the linebacker's contributions and production while a Bronco.

Example nomination:

Comment subject: I nominate Ed McCaffrey.

Comment body (optional): Because he laid a crushing block in Super Bowl 32 to help Howard "the human plow" Griffith set up a first and goal on the 8-yard-line.

How to support a nomination

If you agree a nominated Bronco deserves to be in our Hall of Fame, REC IT!! And then add any supporting evidence to his/her nomination in a replying comment.

How nominees advance

The top 10+ candidates with the most recs (minimum 4 recs) will advance to the next phase of the selection process - fan voting - which will begin in July.