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Horse Tracks: Color rush and the scourge of orange pants

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For many people, the uniforms their football team wears is almost as important as the players wearing them. The Broncos have a Thursday night football game looming large on October 13th this year, and there a better than not shot that the boys in 'Orange and Blue' will be decked out in new duds... Just please, no orange pants.

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Photo courtesy University of Nebraska - Omaha
Photo courtesy University of Nebraska - Omaha
Photo courtesy University of Nebraska - Omaha

First off, the Broncos current uniform, orange jersey with white pants is quite possibly the most awesome jersey in the NFL. Maybe I'm getting older, but as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

It did take a little effort to find the perfection that is the Broncos current uniforms. Before orange, they wore the 'predominately orange" blue jerseys with white pants. While not a look I was overly impressed with at first-sight, winning back-to-back Super Bowls made me change my mind.

Growing up, I had always been a fan of the old-school orange crush uniforms, the ones with the 'D' logo on the helmet. Sadly, due to new concussion protocols and misguided intentions, changing helmets during the season is no longer allowed. Unless there's some substantive shift with either the concussion rules or unless Nike gets creative with decals, it's unlikely we will see this logo on a player any time soon.

What appears more possible, unfortunately, is the return of the Broncos playing in orange pants.

When you have eleven grown men in orange pants running around, it stresses the eyes in uncomfortable ways. My own mother, still to this day has nothing nice to say about the orange pants. They're the only thing from that era that she remembers, not the players, not the wins or losses, not even who the stars were. "Those damn ugly orange pants" lasted from 1968-1972 before the being revived for the 1978 season and were then forever abandoned. For the full rundown on the Broncos uniform over the years, go here.

It's the way of things. Teams are wearing matchy-matchy jerseys and pants these days. The Broncos alternate of blue top and blue pants are just another example. If you ask me, that blueberry look borders on an arena league look. However, it stands to reason that with Color Rush, the Broncos will likely be in all orange, pants, tops, socks, and all. Orange, orange, all the time orange.

This can go one of two ways, incredibly well... incredibly bad... but however it goes, these cheaply made foreign produced jerseys are going to make a ton of money for the NFL.


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