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Would John Elway be willing to walk away from Von Miller?

The Afternoon Drive must be feeling the same pressures of not having any real Bronco news as the team here at MHR. There is not much to talk about besides Von Miller’s contract negotiations.

Of course, Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro were able to come up with a little something to wet the appetite of Broncos Country. Let's start by wondering why CJ Anderson is taking some time away from social media. That feels like a newsworthy discussion. Les did make a pretty good point about players on social media, and when is the right time to tweet.

Anderson has apparently decided to get out of his social media until training camp starts. It seems like a strange choice. Maybe Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all you want during your vacation, and take a break while you are working. I guess, but does anyone really care about when Anderson does, or doesn't, post anything on the internet.

The real crux of the discussion centered around Von Miller and his contract battle with John Elway. Would Elway have the guts to just cut Miller, a la Carolina and Josh Norman? Maybe the question here is not whether he has the guts, but whether or not he has the brains (or lack of brains). I get it. Von Miller's contract negotiations are dragging on. He is arguably the best defensive player in the NFL. He is the best player on the team. Broncos Country has very little to talk about. But cut Von Miller?

What are we doing here? Von Miller is not Josh Norman. He is clearly the best player on the team. No way Elway gets up from the table and tells Miller to walk. Not only would that be an unbelievably stubborn move, it is also a solid granite block of stupidity.

What do the Broncos get by walking away from Von Miller? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Niente. Exactly what Carolina got for telling Norman to walk. Is that guts? Is that being bold and brave? Not even close. That is wasteful. Elway is many things, but wasteful is not one of them.

Other than signing Miller, Elway could trade him. That would be the only other option to consider. At least then the Broncos would receive some draft picks and a solid player in return. Perhaps we should not confuse bravery with recklessness.