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How important is Von Miller to the Denver Broncos?

There has been plenty of contract drama between Von Miller and the Denver Broncos since he was tagged back in March.

Both sides have not played very nice in the public eye, with Miller complaining loudly at times and the Broncos insulting the reigning Super Bowl MVP with an offer that had a laughable amount of guaranteed money for a player of Von’s caliber, but at some point they two sides will find some common ground before the July 15th deadline.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive posed the question of how important is Von Miller to this team and the Broncos in general?

I have my own take as I am sure each and every person who reads this will have their own as well. My stance is that Von Miller is the engine that makes everything possible on this defense. And I mean everything.

If John Elway thinks he can just plug in Shane Ray or Shaquil Barrett and get the same results he’s either dumb or crazy. I don’t think he is either of those things and everything we have seen and heard of thus far is just Elway trying to barter a better deal for the Broncos than attempting to ship Miller off to greener pastures.

Why do I think Miller is the engine that drives this defense? Because despite what Pro Football Focus is trying to peddle with their Khalil Mack nonsense, Von Miller has actually done things in this league and Von Miller’s career arch is already well on its way to Canton.

You just don’t find many of those guys in the NFL at any given time, especially when they are in their primes as Von Miller is.

What do you think, Broncos Country? Sound off in the comments section.