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Vote for the classic Denver Broncos games to air on YouTube

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Would you like to watch great Denver Broncos games right there on YouTube? Then you better vote in the poll below for your favorite one!

Elway Triumph

As mentioned in Horse Tracks this morning, the NFL is holding a vote for a classic game from each team to air on YouTube. The Denver Broncos voting opened up on June 20th.

Here are the finalists.

1987 AFC Championship: "The Fumble"

In a pretty wild AFC Championship game, the Denver Broncos jumped out to a 21-3 halftime lead, but the Cleveland Browns stormed back with a 21 point third quarter. With the score tied at 31, John Elway led the team to a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Then Ernest Byner, on the verge of a game tying touchdown, fumbled the ball on a strip by Broncos defensive back Jeremiah Castille at the two-yard line. The Broncos held on to win 38-33 to advance to the Super Bowl.

1977 AFC Championship: Broncos vs. Raiders

The Oakland Raiders of the 1970s were one of the best and dirtiest teams in football. The Broncos has only beaten them three times since 1963, with one of those wins having come earlier in that 1977 regular season. In the biggest game of the franchise’s history, the Broncos came up with the big plays to top their hated rival 20-17. It was a turning point in the rivalry, as well.

1986 AFC Championship: "The Drive"

Down 20-13, backed up on the 2 yard line on the road against the Cleveland Browns, John Elway’s legend was born. Elway would methodically drive down the field in the biggest game of his young career, throwing a touchdown strike to Mark Jackson with just 36 seconds remaining. As impressive as that drive was, he would do it again in the early 1990s in “The Drive II”.

Super Bowl 50: This One's For Pat

As good as The Orange Crush defense of the 1970s was, the 2015 Denver Broncos defense was the greatest defensive unit in team history. They snubbed future Hall of Fame quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady in AFC playoffs, then dismantled reigning NFL MVP, Cam Newton, and the number one offense in the Super Bowl. Elway accomplished his goal when he took this job of saying “This one’s for Pat” in return for all that Pat Bowlen had done for him and Broncos Country over the last 30+ years.

Super Bowl XXXII: Elway gets a ring

It took 38 years for the Broncos to finally reach the pinnacle of the sport, partially erasing previous Super Bowl embarrassments. I have personally watched more games than I could ever count and none have made me feel like that first Super Bowl win made me feel. As good as Super Bowl 50 was, it will be Super Bowl 32 that will be hard to top.

Vote here!