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Broncos roster 2016: Punter Britton Colquitt

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Breaking down the Denver Broncos 2016 90-man roster, one player, one post, one day at a time. Today we keep the football rolling looking at a key cog in the Super Bowl run.

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It's that time of the year again. Mile High Report begins our annual 90 players in 90 days roster breakdown. Last year went fairly well, but starting today and through August 27th, we'll break down every player on the Denver Broncos roster.

Name: Britton Colquitt
Position: Punter
Height: 6'3"   Weight: 205
Age: 31   Experience: 8th
College: Bearden HS

Britton Colquitt was signed to the practice squad of the Miami Dolphins in 2009 after a rather messy exit from the University of Tennessee (alcohol related issues).

Denver was in need of talent at P and signed him off Miami's practice squad in December of the same year. His potential really shined through early in his career with a 5th place all time number of 4,783 punting yards in 2011.

Colquitt has been a solid punter for Denver and while he may have had an impressive season numbers-wise in 2011, I honestly think his work in the 2015 post season was easily his most impressive work.

The Good:

Colquitt has at this point in his career seen it all. He's done a great job on the biggest of stages culminating in a Super Bowl victory where his work was arguably more important than that of our offense as a whole. Veteran play means a lot in the NFL and it is probably the biggest value he has to lean on this offseason.

The Bad:

Regardless of the reason, it is worth noting that since he signed a very profitable contract with the Broncos, his overall performance quality has gone down every year from the stand point of punting average. From 2013 - 2015 his averages have been in chronological order 44.5, 44.2, and 43.6.

For a punter who gets the benefit of punting at altitude for half of his regular season games, his average is lackluster at best. While he still shows a powerful leg from time to time, he hasn't shown it consistently enough to break into even the "mediocre" level of NFL Punters from 2015 for either punting average or "inside the 20" punts.


From Special Teams Coach Joe DeCamillis June 2nd 2016 -

...Britton had a good week also. It’s exactly like we thought it was going to be. It’s going to be a tough deal. Whoever is the best guy and the best one at the end, that’s who we’ll take at the end of camp.

Roster Status:

Several of us at MHR have been looking for the team to upgrade the punting position for a couple of years now. It is likely with a fresh new draft pick who has a big leg that 2016 may be the year for that change. The Team would save about $3.25M by moving on with a dead cap hit of only $750,000.

To stay with the Broncos, it is likely that Colquitt will need to return to his 2011 form which history tells us isn't a likelihood.