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Broncos roster 2016: Running back Cyrus Gray

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With a look at the Denver Broncos 90-man roster, today we take a look at the running back position, and a player who is trying to get back on the field in 2016.

We continue our look into the Denver Broncos 90-man roster with a quick look at running back Cyrus Gray. With the Broncos moving to a run first offense, can Gray break through and have an impact? Will there be room for a 4th year player coming off a torn ACL and a full year out of football.

Name: Cyrus Gray
Position: RB
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 206
Age: 26 Experience: 4th
College: Texas A&M

Before going down with a torn ACL in November 2014, Gray was deep on the Kansas City Chiefs depth chart after they drafted him in the 6th round of the 2012 draft. Before the injury his chances were few and far between, but Gray showed flashes of ability. A glance at Gray’s scouting report coming out of the combine shows he has the size and the elusiveness, but lacks speed and struggles to pass-block.

The Good:

Gray has good vision, and picks his spots well. He has only 99 yards rushing in his career, but has a respectable 4.1 yards per carry average. Gary Kubiak’s running game is predicated on patience and vision. Gray possesses both qualities.

The Bad:

The facts are simple here. Gray has yet to really make an impact in the NFL. Now he is coming off a bad ACL tear which kept him out of football last year. Gray will have to really impress in training camp and the preseason to get a shot.

The Quotable:

After his release from the Chiefs Gray tweeted about his time there. “Never played the game for money or fame.” Which is a good quote. Bronco fans will be thrilled with that attitude, but he ended his tweet with, “Chiefs 4 Life!” Not in Denver, but if he makes an impact, all can be forgiven.

Roster Status:

The big issue here is going to be how Gray recovers from his injury. ACL tears come with as much psychological recovery as physical. He already struggles in pass blocking, and may not have the speed to be a true NFL runner. A spot on the practice squad is not out of the question, as he has shown flashes of ability, but he will need to step his game up to stick around in Broncos Country.