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The Denver Broncos offense must start from scratch this season

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And that's a good thing. The Afternoon Drive talks at length about how the Broncos' offense will adjust in 2016 and take some steps forward from a disastrous 2015 campaign.

In 2015, the former Star Wars-like Denver Broncos offense regressed so quickly and massively that most of us were left in utter shock at how bad it became. Many like myself kept holding out hope that it was just a funk that they'd ultimately shake out of.

It was not to be.

Gone or already replaced from last year's squad are the quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Brock Oswiler, the tight end in Owen Daniels and just about every offensive lineman who had significant playing time.

In their place is an offensive line with players more suited for the zone blocking scheme Gary Kubiak runs. That should provide some better running lanes for both C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman, but keep an eye on rookie Devontae Booker.

The mainstays on the outside in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders provides the offense with an instant one-two punch that will keep defenses honest in the passing game, regardless of who is throwing the football.

Speaking of throwing the football, we should expect either Mark Sanchez or Paxton Lynch surpass current front-runner Trevor Siemian at some point during OTA's.

At the end of the day, this offense already looks better than it does from 2015 on paper. It will come down to execution.

So maybe starting from scratch isn't such a bad thing.

Bonus Listen

The Afternoon Drive asks who has to impress the most during OTA's to have a shot at snagging a starting job and/or roster spot on this team.