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HT: Remembering our fellow fans no longer with us

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One thing that really stood out last year in our magical Super Bowl season to me as a fan was how Broncos Country poured out prayers, memories, love, and support after the loss of Bronco Mike. Here's a drink to those who bled orange and blue that are no longer with us.

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Just a hair over a year ago, MHR was rocked by the loss of one of our most rabid fellow fans: Bronco Mike. He may be gone, but he isn't forgotten. In the comments and inputs from some of us, we also mentioned others who recently moved on to the big orange and blue sunset in the great beyond (Miss you Dad!). Let's take a moment to remember Bronco Mike and all our big orange and blue family who have been celebrating Super Bowl 50 with him.

Cheers, Mike!  We miss you and I sure wish you would have been here still to celebrate Super Bowl 50 with. The friggin depths of trolling you would have dropped on the patsie fans would have been epic to behold.

From Laurie: A year ago and two days, I posted a picture on Facebook joking about getting a splinter while putting up my beach tent - but telling people I had fought a shark in the water. Bronco Mike made a snide remark on my post and I responded with an equally snide retort (and a smiley face). Such was the way of most of my "conversations" went with Mike, and it turned out that that was our last one. While it may seem crazy, it still makes me smile when I think about it.

I had never met Mike and was one of the newer staff writers at MHR, so compared to this group, I hardly knew him at all. But in my short time on this blog, I realized immediately that Bronco Mike was a larger-than-life, diehard fan who loved to rip into people for not having a correct opinion (aka, not his opinion), but he also had the biggest heart for all things good in this world. He loved his family, loved his music, loved his students, loved the Broncos and loved MHR. He was passionate and opinionated and exasperating and awesome.

I thought of him every week this past season, smiling at how the post-game debates would have gone with him around. No doubt he would have been among the biggest critics in our chat room, yet one of the team’s biggest defenders in his day-after meanderings. Bronco Mike would have cursed Manning for his play the beginning of the season (and by curse I mean F-bombs galore), but he would have heralded No. 18 like no other at the end. And he would have been right about all of it.

Bronco Mike probably would have loved the Broncos beating the Patriots twice last season more than actually winning the Super Bowl - because if there were anything that exceeded BroncoMike’s love for the Broncos, it would have been his hatred for the P*ts.

It’s my belief that the Big Man Upstairs called on Mike last June because he needed a fellow diehard Broncos fan to survive this past season. While we missed having BroncoMike here, I have no doubt he didn’t miss a thing from our glorious Super Bowl season.

From Ian: I wrote this for Mike's funeral and then I didn't go, I'm still in denial that he is not with us. In my mind, I pretend like he has been on a trip and that he is simply unable to call. 

I keep trying to find the words that can comfort us all.

... And it's probably your laugh that I will miss most. Your effortless way of making a bad situation good and good situation better.

When you reached out to me all of those months ago I should have listened, I kept thinking you'd come back if you were serious, that you'd let me know if you ever needed somewhere to be. I told you once and you quoted me, "If you've never known pain love me."

Please be happy where you've gone, my friend.

You have touched us all and filled our hearts in the most unique of ways. I miss you.

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* In honor of Mike, I'm not linking an article about Tom Brady making a funny...because FYTB (Mike would have watched that video friggin daily).