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That's Good Broncos believes Cody Latimer may be dating a lawyer

Warning: Graphic language in this video. Cover your kids' ears.

Brandon Perna from That's Good Broncos talks Brock Osweiler crybabying his way out of a visit to the White House, making players play for the right to smoke pot after the Pro Bowl (lol) and Cody Latimer's altercation with his girlfriend that led to his arrest for a traffic warrant. You can't make some of this crap up.

At one point Latimer's girlfriend described her assault on Cody as her pushing him in the face, which is not the same as slapping. Perna's jokes that she might be a lawyer, but perhaps she might have "pushed someone in the face before".

In any case, Latimer should be commended for not doing what certain other NFL players do, which is beat their girlfriends into bloody pulps before dragging them through elevators and other places. Kudos Latimer, for taking a beating like most other men have taken beatings from their loved ones ... with a GoPro attached to your forehead.

Anyway, good stuff as always. Go Broncos!