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That's Good Broncos gives Aqib Talib a piece of his mind

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Warning: Brandon's videos contain foul language. Listen at your own risk.

In case you haven't heard, Aqib Talib got himself shot at a nightclub in the wee hours of Sunday morning. It's just another offseason for the talented cornerback who somehow finds himself in unpleasant situations both on and off the field.

Save the kneejerking though, he isn't getting cut any time soon and nor should he. The Denver Broncos need him and he needs the Denver Broncos. The team on the field would not be as good without him. It's that simple.

Brandon Perna from That's Good Broncos thinks it was a stripclub, which he is probably right. I had just said to my wife that I have to write up a blog post because Aqib Talib got himself shot when Perna said nearly the same exact thing.

We're all missing Game of Thrones right now, but the good news is the gunshot wound Talib suffered is minor and has already been released from the hospital. Here's to him watching some Netflix in Boulder until September.

Thank you Brandon for making us smile during this dire time of missed Game of Thrones episodes.

UPDATE: Talib has NOT been released from the hospital yet and will miss the White House trip.