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Denver Broncos could be without Aqib Talib again

Aqib Talib may find himself in a face-to-face meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell over his shooting incident in Dallas over the weekend. Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of the Afternoon Drive discussed some of the possibilities for Talib.

If you are a Denver Broncos fan, and why else would you be here, you are fully aware that Aqib Talib missed the team trip to Washington DC because he spent some time in a Dallas hospital with a gun shot wound. How he got that wound is a little murky, but the Afternoon Drive took some time out of their day to discuss what happened. Eric Goodman of The Afternoon Drive would not be upset if Talib was suspended for the entire season.

A year long suspension for Talib may not be out of the question when you hear the list of incidents that Les Shapiro reads. The NFL has a history of being pretty harsh on guys who get into trouble because of guns (see Plaxico Burress). With a track record that includes firing a gun in a residential area, taking a swing at a teammate with his helmet, and a plethora of incidents that seem to follow Talib, it may be time to sit down and re-evaluate life for the Broncos veteran cornerback.

Could the No Fly Zone survive the loss of Talib? There is no question that his talent would be tough to replace. Kayvon Webster, Lorenzo Doss, and Taurean Nixon would have some big shoes to fill. However, Bradley Roby is poised to have a break out season. Chris Harris, Jr. is still shutting down half the field, and with the pass rush of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware, the Broncos secondary could probably recover from a hit like the loss of Talib.

With Cody Latimer getting into trouble because of a traffic ticket, some speculated that it was time for the Broncos to send him on his way. Some will in Broncos Country will have the same inclination with what happened in Dallas. Is Talib worth the headache? When is the right time to sell? Could the Broncos package a trade for a true impact player, and send Aqib packing? All questions that John Elway and Gary Kubiak will have to sit down and go over.

It is too bad that poor decision making by a defensive leader had to spoil what should have been a day of celebration. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos on their trip to the White House.