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Broncos have a blast descending on D.C. to meet Barack Obama

Cracking a few well-played jokes (as well as a rather weak "Omaha"), President Barack Obama met the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos on Monday and paid tribute to their "extraordinary" season.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Although an admitted Bears fan, President Barack Obama was a gracious and eloquent host on Monday for the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos.

And the players were all about it.

Dressed to impress, the 2015 Broncos descended upon Washington D.C. Monday morning to tour the White House before meeting the president in the afternoon.

But first, they took a little time to meet with wounded soldiers...and then play a little catch on the lawn (because that's what you do when you're the world champs and you've got some down time).

Before the big "meet" though, there were a lot of grown men documenting just about everything they could via social media about their champions-only invitation to the White House - as well as having fun catching up with a lot of teammates who have retired or moved on in free agency.

Von Miller, who has not been with the team since the Super Bowl parade as he works out a long-term contract, said he felt "at home" being with his guys again.

"It's great. On the bus ride to the airport, the plane ride here, I just felt complete. I just felt back at home. I felt normal for once over the last couple of months," said Miller, who has been on "Dancing With The Stars" and made numerous Hollywood-like appearances since February. "This is my [true] self, when I'm with my teammates, when I'm with my boys. It's a special day for me and I'm looking forward to having more special days like it.

White House chillin with the Boss #horsepower

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Whitehouse shenanigans with the Lion Photo cred: @omar.bolden

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And then it was time to meet the man who isn't a Broncos fan and didn't think they could win the Super Bowl, but who acknowledged what an "extraordinary" season this Broncos squad produced, thanks most notably to the historic defense led by Super Bowl MVP Von Miller as well as its secret weapon on offense.

But after referencing "this guy from the commercials" and pointing out that Americans could stock their entire households "with what this guy is selling," the president paid tribute to future legendary quarterback Peyton Manning.

"Anybody who has been a football fan has watched what is one of the greatest Hall-of-Fame careers ever, racking up more wins, more MVPs, more passing yards, more passing touchdowns than anyone in history, the only quarterback to lead two different football teams to Super Bowl wins," Obama said. "It is great to see somebody have a career like that who has always conducted himself on the field and off the way [he] did, to be able to go out on top."

Obama finished his speech honoring the Broncos by adding that "apparently John Elway knows what he's doing" and throwing some respect to #BroncosCountry too.

Miller was happy that the president pointed out his dancing shoes and said the prez would be a good teammate.

"He said he liked my shoes. He liked my dance moves, too. So everything was all good," Miller said, adding that the experience of actually talking to the president was a little surreal. "You see him on TV and you hear about what type of guy he is and when he's right there, he's all that and more. ...President Obama is my type of guy. He'd fit in the locker room with us any day."

But Miller's Twitter comment summed up everyone's sentiments the best.