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Dallas Police release report stating Aqib Talib was a victim of 'aggravated assault'

The latest on the Aqib Talib situation.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

According to 9NEWS Denver's Mike Klis, Dallas police reported that Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was a victim of "aggravated assault" this past weekend when he suffered a minor gunshot wound to his right leg.

There were some reports stating Talib shot himself, or called it an "accidental shooting," but those appear to be false.

Here is the full police report filed by the Dallas Police earlier today.


It seems like Talib should avoid any legal punishment or any punishment from the NFL since he is the victim is this case. No charges have been filed, Talib wasn't arrested, and it appears he didn't shoot himself, despite some careless reporting stating he did.

Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak said after practice today that Talib will fly to Denver tomorrow and will be evaluated by the team's doctors. Talib will be held out of the rest of the Broncos OTAs that conclude June 16, but no one has ruled out Talib returning for Training Camp which begins sometime in late July or early August.

ESPN's Adam Schefter also reported today that the NFL is actively looking into the Talib situation.

NFL "actively" looking into circumstances surrounding Aqib Talib being shot this weekend, per an NFL official. The Broncos immediately notified the NFL about the shooting after they found out about it, and now the NFL is exploring the determining facts behind the incident, the official said. One league source said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t like guns in the hands of intoxicated players, and he especially doesn’t like guns in the hands of intoxicated players who have a history with guns like Talib has.

Schefter's statement seems more damning toward Talib, but if he were the victim here, he should avoid any punishment. It seems like Schefter's story was written prior to the police report being released. Now all the facts may not be out just yet, so who knows if this will change. Also, Goodell isn't the most consistent when it comes to punishing NFL players, so again, who knows what to expect.

I'm sure this isn't the end of the Talib situation, but we have some clarity on the situation. If Talib shot himself, he wouldn't be a victim of aggravated assault. Dallas Police are also looking for an "unknown gunman" in the case, which also helps Talib's situation.

I'm clearly no legal expert and just trying to connect some dots here.