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Demaryius Thomas is coming back stronger mentally and physically this year

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Expect a stronger Demaryius Thomas, physically and mentally next season.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from the Afternoon Drive got a chance to catch up with Demaryius Thomas on their show today. After talking about the White House visit and how special that was for Thomas (since President Obama granted clemency to DT's mother), they began to discuss the upcoming season.

Demaryius admitted that some pressure was put on the offense after they finished 31st in passing last year. He singled himself out as needing to improve because of his drops. One thing that I appreciated (and Eric and Les call this out as well) is that DT owned his mistakes and seems ready to put it behind him, "I tend to let it bother me sometimes, but I'm over it now, that was last year, I'm gonna come out and have a better year this year for sure."

Not only does DT seem mentally stronger coming into this season, the guys also mentioned that his upper body was looking stronger. "Yeah, I'm bigger up top. I trimmed down a little but stayed heavy up top so I can be able to get the corners off me, shed off".

For a guy who has historically struggled with physical, press coverage, this is encouraging to hear that he is putting focus on getting stronger to better handle physical corners. One extra tidbit they dropped also was the fact that Shane Ray was looking a lot stronger and more ripped this off-season as well. (The Afternoon Drive will have their interview with Shane Ray on the show tomorrow).

Take a listen to the whole interview below as Demaryius talks about all of the above, plus, describes how Mark Sanchez has been so far in practice, and how each QB looks throwing the ball.