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Report: Denver Broncos are re-assessing contract with Von Miller

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Or have they? The media war has begun and what went from pleasant this morning has turned ugly in just a matter of hours.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

According to Mike Klis of 9News, the Denver Broncos had set a final deadline to get a contract done of 10 p.m. Tuesday evening or the Broncos would withdraw their contract offer to Von Miller off the table.

The Broncos set a deadline of 10 p.m. Tuesday to reach an agreement on a long-term contract with Miller, who was the MVP of the team’s Super Bowl 50 win in February.

Absent an agreement, the Broncos said they would withdraw their multiyear contract proposal, leaving Miller to play the 2016 season on his $14.129 million "exclusive" franchise tag. However, a Broncos source said Wednesday that talks have not "broken off".

This threat appears to have been a pump fake by John Elway and the Broncos to try and get Miller's side to act quickly. Instead, Miller's side has blocked the shot. Of course, that isn't going to stop other media outlets from playing this up.

All drama aside, Adam Schefter has it right when he suggested that a deal could still get done by the July 15th deadline. As Elway would say if he were inclined to do so in this case, "the situation is fluid". Eventually, Von Miller will get his huge payday and it will probably be somewhere in the neighborhood reported earlier today.

Are you worried, Broncos Country?


According to Troy Renck, the negotiations are not broken off, just on pause as the two sides try to find some middle ground. There are still five weeks left to find it.