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Video: That's Good Sports comes up with better tweets if the NFL account is hacked again

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Warning: There will be foul language in this video.

In case you missed it, the NFL's official Twitter account was hacked and announced the untimely death of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. The hilarity of it all can be reviewed in its entirety via SB Nation, because you know we wouldn't let this opportunity pass us up.

Brandon Perna from That's Good Sports gives his list of tweets the next hacker should use, because although announcing the death of a hated man just isn't good enough. There's always a few extra steps we can take to make things even better.

For me, the #5 and #2 options were just the best. The best.

Oh, and there is some Denver Broncos news in here as well, but NFL's Twitter account being hacked is just too awesome not to lead with here.