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Von Miller contract negotiations trigger another case of “overreaction syndrome”

Miller and the Broncos will reach an agreement on a historic contract before the July 15 deadline. In the meantime, take a step back from the cliff and remain patient.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Two times in three months. There will come a time these stories won't need to get published. Nevertheless, here we are once again because fans can't stay off of the cliff.

Let's view this as a friendly reminder to all Denver Broncos fans: Step back from the cliff, take a deep breath and remain patient.

The most recent example of Broncos Country going off the deep end came on Wednesday when an update on the contract negotiations with Von Miller was released via Adam Schefter.

The reason for fans to resort to old and tired behavior? Miller didn't accept the most recent offer.

"If he wants to be a Bronco, he'll take the offer."

"Does he really want to be in Denver?"

"What does this show his teammates?"

"Why is this taking so long? He needs to be on the field."

"They should just trade Miller."

"Why is John Elway being so cheap?"

Again with the Elway and the Broncos being cheap talk.

If that wasn't enough, now the media is pushing the "Miller could sit out the 2016 season" narrative. The absurd always finds ways to hit new levels. All it takes is a pinch of drama, hyperbole, source wrangling and speculation to give you the glorious recipe of balderdash. No, Miller will not hold out the 2016 season, and this narrative needs to stop now.

If it seems like this bad song is on repeat and it won't stop, it's because it is. This happens every year. It happened last season as Denver and Demaryius Thomas were working toward a long-term deal.

What was the result then? The same it will be this time: By July 15, a contract will get signed and Miller will stay in Denver for the rest of his career. That's the only deadline in play, no matter what click bait you have may read on Wednesday that said otherwise.

The current holdup is guaranteed money. The years and amount have been agreed to, as Mike Kiis tweeted out Wednesday evening. The guaranteed portion of the contract is where you'll find the biggest divide between Miller's camp and the Broncos. That's what negotiations are all about. You work to find middle ground so all parties get what they want.

Despite the doom and gloom, that agreement seems closer rather than later, but you never really know in situations like this. What we do know is Miller will not hold out. Period.

It's not like they need to get this done by the end of the week. The two sides have five weeks to seal the deal and they're this close to a deal. That five weeks is an eternity in terms of business negotiations. And as we've seen with Elway over the course of his tenure, deadlines spur actions and he gets what he wants while also doing so for his players.

Miller wants to remain in Denver, and the Broncos want him to remain in the Mile High City.

There's no need for him to get this done now.

There are those who have said, "Yeah, but he needs to be on the field with his teammates." No, he doesn't. Organized team activities and minicamp are for quarterbacks and receivers to get their timing down. To learn the playbook. To learn the terminology. A guy like Miller doesn't need to attend or partake. Miller is not in the same situation as Thomas, who actually needed to attend OTAs and minicamp last season with a new coach and offensive system.

On just the second day of minicamp, the veterans were ALREADY given a day off.

Miller showed in the playoffs what he's capable of. Rest assured the expectation is there that he builds on his historic performance in the playoffs with an equally historic regular season. Remember: DeMarcus Ware is still around. Bill Kollar is still around (even though he's not Miller's direct coach). This defense is still just as motivated to get even better and dominate once again.

That will rub off on Miller.

Not to mention he wants it himself. He wants to prove he's the best defensive player in the NFL. All of this (absurd) talk about the Oakland Raiders Khalil Mack being better than Miller should light a scalding fire in his gut.

Miller and the Broncos will reach an agreement on a contract before the July 15 deadline. He will become the highest paid non quarterback in NFL history with the most guaranteed money for, at least, defensive players.

In the meantime, take a step back from the cliff and remain patient.

It's time to turn off repeat and start a new song.