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Von Miller has reportedly agreed to framework of a deal with Broncos

Miller has agreed to two elements of the Broncos deal.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to 9NEWS Denver's Mike Klis, the Broncos and linebacker Von Miller did agree to two aspects of a potential deal. They agreed to the total number of years, six, and the total amount of money, $114.5 million.

What needs to be agreed on still is the guaranteed money which is always a sticking point and the eventual structure of the deal.

While there was some talk that talks broke down between the two sides, Troy Renck of the Denver Post stated that they have just "paused" while the two sides regroup and try to find a middle ground.

The acceptance of the framework of a deal is promising, it seems like the media is pushing the "he will sit out the entire 2016 season" narrative.

Charles Robinson of wrote an article saying the talks between the Broncos and Von have turned "ugly" and could get worse.

Yes, Von could decide to sit out the entire 2016 season, and this scenario seems to be pushed around every Franchise Tag player every offseason and it rarely(if ever) happens. I remember hearing similar stories about Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant and Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas last offseason. Both received deals they weren't happy with and "threatened to sit out the season". It seems like it is just another negotiating tactic used by the player and the agent.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive discuss the contract options and length on Wednesday, but more reports have come out that seem to set the tone that this deal is a lot closer than people realize.

While the Broncos set their own deadline for 10 p.m MT Tuesday, the real deadline here is July 15th. The Broncos reportedly moved up the deadline because they wanted Miller participating in the team's minicamp this week, but  he declined the Broncos offer. Now both sides have roughly five weeks to figure something out, and probably end up reaching a deal.

Deadlines seem to always spur action, and the Broncos and Miller have already agreed to two elements of a potential contract. Former agent Joel Corry who is a contributor for the National Football Post and CBS Sports tweeted out that the Broncos and Miller have made enough progress to reach a deal before July 15th.

So while the narrative that things are "ugly" between the Broncos and Miller right now, I wouldn't listen to the noise and worry too much. We have roughly five weeks before anything has to be done and deadlines always get things rolling. It seems like there has been enough progress made to get something done by July 15th. So sit back and relax Broncos Country, we still have some time to go before things get settled.

In Elway we trust.