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Horse Tracks: One way to upgrade the Denver Broncos

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The offseason is prime time for all of us to play arm-chair owner in fantasy land. Today I'll talk about one way we could make the team better almost instantly.

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In looking for the tracks for today I found a real gem that coupled with a discussion from yesterday in the comments got me to thinking about one of the big weaknesses I see in our current regime: Offensive Coordinator.

Before I delve  too far in this, let's set the board: I know Rick Dennison has a great pedigree in recent history. I know he's got strengths. I know you shouldn't expect too much out of a coach that has only been with a team for 1 year.

The bottom line is that there are innovative offensive coaches and there are systems based offensive coaches. Dennison is the later. Adam Gase is a great example of the former.

Take a chance to read up on my spotlight article for today:

Here's why quarterback whisperer Adam Gase is excited about Ryan Tannehill -
The new Dolphins coach has had plenty of success with Tebow, Manning and Cutler

There's a key piece to this that was sweet music to my ears:

"Getting Tebow helped changed the way we thought on offense. What can we do to help this guy be successful? We changed what we were doing. The big light went on for me. Everything we do is about what can our players do. What are their strengths."

This is the same philosophy that Wade Philips uses and it is what makes him one of the best defensive coordinators in the league.  Both of these coordinators innovate to find the best ways to use the players they have in order to maximize their side of the ball so that the team wins ball games.

I'm not here to bash a coordinator. The truth is that systems work too (check our 98 and 99 seasons), but at the end of the day from my cush little arm chair here, if I were calling the shots, I'd be directing a change in coordinators in order to get a guy that can help our completely woeful offense take some strides to get better.

What about all of you out in Broncos Country? What changes would you make to make the team better (player, coaches, scheme, etc)?

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