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Re-watching some iconic games the Broncos ...lost???

You heard that right. Sometimes it's OK - even fun - to re-watch a game the Broncos lost (and most likely did in soul-crushing fashion). Other games should never be viewed ever again.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

Another week down and just four more to go until the 2016 season officially gets underway and all the Sanchez v. Siemian v. Lynch hysteria can calm down to reality mode where we watch Gary Kubiak do what we all knew he was planning to do anyway ...

Name ____________ the starter. (hehehe)

no coach ever

And for those among us still fretting over the Von Miller contract, you have a mere 15 days to keep those ACE inhibitors at the ready before the issue gets resolved in the ninth hour and everyone breathes easy and pretends they were never worried.

For the record, I am not worried one bit. First, I wrote Von a letter telling him to quit being immature and three days later he was telling reporters that his PR team had advised him not to talk publicly about his contract negotiations - Score! This bodes well for him having read the entire letter and listened to all of my advice.

Second, Sadaraine has an excellent piece later this morning explaining why there's no way Miller is sitting out this season, especially as an attempt to sign with another team.

Third, Von has got to be raving mad at this point over all the rankings that cannot give the Super Bowl MVP his due. Not only was he ranked seventh to Khalil Mack's sixth by PFF, or 15th to Mack's 13th by the NFL, but even the Broncos' defensive line can't crack the league's supposed top 12 because Miller and Ware were not considered part of "the line" as OLBs, yet the Raiders make the list because they claim Mack a DE - despite being played as a linebacker while Ware and Miller often work as DEs too. Anyway, I digress. My point is, Miller is going to want to prove he is better than all these above-average-but-not-MVP linebackers listed ahead of him on every ranking, so he's playing.

Finally, my birthday is the day after the contract deadline, and I am sure Miller wants me - a Von Super Fan who owns his jersey, fathead and Dancing With The Stars highlight reel - to have a happy birthday (and don't for a second get worked up about this Instagram post this morning). He'll sign.

Now on to some news. Well, at least what we are calling news because it occurred relatively recently and has something to do with our team. Yes, standards are low this time of year.

As you know, the NFL is uploading three full games on YouTube of every team, and after fan voting and league officials dictating, the NFL announced yesterday the three chosen games for every team (which will be uploaded in August).

The Broncos' three games are not surprising in any way - all three being instant classics the minute the game was over - Super Bowl 32 ("John Elway gets his first Super Bowl"), Super Bowl 50 ("This one's for Pat!") and of course the 1986 AFC Championship (none other than "The Drive.")

While I was hoping for games slightly more obscure - or at least Super Bowls I didn't already have the DVD for - I will look forward to watching every second of all three again.

But what I found slightly more interesting were the games showcasing a team playing the Broncos for their own highlights. Though this automatically means we would be featured as the loser in the matchup, I was interested to see which games they picked:

2012 AFC Division playoffs -- Ravens vs. Broncos
Mile High Miracle. Joe Flacco to Jones TD ties game, win in 2OT.

1994 Week #7 -- Chiefs vs. Broncos
Joe Montana magic beats John Elway.

Super Bowl XII -- Cowboys vs. Broncos
Cowboys' 27-10 Super Bowl win.

Super Bowl XXII -- Redskins vs. Broncos
Doug Williams MVP.

Super Bowl 48 - Seahawks vs Broncos
First Super Bowl win.

I'll be skipping any viewing whatsoever of SB48 and probably SB22 as well. Blowouts are boring even when you're the victor, but they are excruciating when you're the loser.

However, I'm looking forward to the 1994 Week 7 game between the Broncos and the Chiefs - more aptly known as John Elway v. Joe Montana, truly a game for the ages. I remember well watching that game in my Columbia, Mo., apartment. As the lone Broncos fan among an army of Chiefs fans, I thought for sure I would own the bragging rights.

But as I watched Joe Montana work his magic down the field - as if to show the younger legend just exactly how it is done - I knew I'd have to wait until later in the season to get those bragging rights back. The game featured two legendary quarterbacks doing whatever they could to win and one being just a little luckier than the other - and it was everything the game was hyped to be.

I'm also looking forward (kind of) to re-watching the 2012 playoff game against the Ravens. I know, I know. The game still stings. It does. But the double overtime finish was exhilarating, maddening, much excitement, even if ending in so much letdown.

I was in Los Angeles to judge a UCLA gymnastics meet on this game day, and I was hanging out at the airport bar pacing, jumping, screaming and cheering until the last possible moment I had to drive downtown to the university. I finally had to catch my taxi with 30 seconds left in the game...and by the time I got to the cab, that fateful miss by Rahim Moore had just happened, and I had to listen to the overtime craziness while driving with a lunatic LA cabbie. Talk about stressful (and possibly entertaining).

In case you can't bear to watch the whole thing, this NFL Gameday highlight does all four and a half hours in just 11 minutes. It's actually not so painful to watch now that we can do so while basking in the glow of a third Lombardi.

GameDay: Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos highlights

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Horse Tracks

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