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If only Von Miller were a Quarterback

When it comes to the Denver Broncos, all anyone wants to talk about right now is Von Miller’s contract. Maybe not John Elway, but everyone else. The Afternoon Drive had Nick Ferguson on Wednesday, and took some time to say something we all know.

The NFL is filled with huge contracts, and the position that is most valued is the quarterback. Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro didn’t shatter any preconceived notions about money in the NFL, but the Andrew Luck signing brought up an interesting point. If Miller was a quarterback, he would already have been paid.

Does the quarterback touch the ball on every play? Pretty much, which is why they get paid. No other player on the field can affect a game the way the QB does. That might be why the biggest debate in Denver outside of Von’s contract is which QB should start for the Broncos this season.

Will it be Mark Sanchez or Paxton Lynch (or Trevor Siemian)?

If you are team Sanchez, or a Lynch Mob member, one thing is certain, there are very few players that can impact a football game the way the man under center does. What that should tell you is that Von Miller is not just a great defensive player, but a game changer. Very few defensive players can influence a football game like a quarterback, or even a special running back.

An amazing long-term memory is not needed to remember how important Von Miller is to the Denver Broncos. Do I even need to mention Super Bowl 50? I will because we all love remembering Super Bowl 50. That game is why Von Miller can be put in the same category as quarterbacks. Defensive players that can be put in the same classification as the QB are special. They should be held onto, and made to feel wanted.

That might not be Elway’s style, but he might be wrong here. Everyone loves Elway when he gets guys like Chris Harris, Jr. and Derek Wolfe to take the hometown discount, but now he is squaring off against a potential Broncos legend. As a fan, I want Miller to retire a Bronco, with all the fanfare afforded to Peyton Manning, and Elway before him. I want him to become a pillar of the community, and be someone my kids can look up to.

I understand what Elway is doing, working every angle to get the best deal possible, but I don’t have to like. We know Von isn’t a quarterback, but he deserves that big contract, just like a quarterback would have already signed.