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Horse Tracks: Von Miller graces his physique in ESPN's Body Issue

Yeah, he has been keeping in shape since the Super Bowl.

Earlier this week, Von Miller appeared in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue. I think it's safe to say Miller has been staying in shape during his post-Super Bowl MVP tour around the country. So we interrupt your regularly-scheduled Von Miller contract drama with a post on the lighter side.

#espnbodyissue shoot was an amazing, FUN, experience! Check for it Friday.

A photo posted by Von Miller (@vonmiller) on

Check out the full photo shoot, but only if you can handle Greek God kind of athletic nakedness. In this case, Miller is the Greek God of Sacks. He took Tom Brady's soul and keeps it locked away on Mars or something.

So anyway, back on point. The accompanying interview was fairly interesting. I'll share a couple of the more interesting questions and answers from that.

I went to the movies and had some mozzarella sticks. I try to eliminate all junk food, and it just tore me up the first week of the playoffs. You can't put unleaded regular in a Ferrari; you've got to put in that premium stuff.

Having recently turned to a more healthy diet, I can personally attest to how badly junk food affects ones system when junk food is no longer part of a persons normal diet. I recall that mozzarella stick story actually and I suppose that explains the relatively quiet game against the Pittsburgh Steelers before unleashing terror en route to a Super Bowl title.

I really don't look at myself as a defensive end or a linebacker or a cornerback or a safety. I don't try to limit myself to just rushing the passer or dropping back in coverage or being a run-stopper; I try to be great at football. I can't even put a name on what I do -- wide receiver, tight end, running back, whatever -- just put me in the game. I feel like that's the type of teammate that I want to be. I try to be an all-around defender.

Miller has proven he wants to transcend his position and become the most complete outside linebacker in NFL history. He is well on his way to doing just that. He intercepted Tom Brady. He broke up a pass in the Super Bowl that would have surely led to critical points for the Carolina Panthers. He blows up run plays. And, of course, he annihilates quarterbacks on third down. In my opinion, there is no better outside linebacker in the NFL today.

I've been a geek my whole life. I had glasses, I had a ducktail, my mom would dress me funny. I was smart, I was good at video games, I read books, I watched the Discovery Channel. I was good at sports, but I was a geek. When everybody said something, I always questioned -- I'd question it and do research on what they were saying. I liked to know facts. As I grew older, that's what set me apart from everybody else.

Geeks are the best. Then again, I am relating heavily to Von's geek-dom right now. I wasn't a geek in school or at least I tried not to be, but once I hit adulthood. Bring on the dorks baby!

Obviously, the chicken had to come first. A chicken had to lay the egg, right? So there probably was a chicken first that laid live hens, but over time it was safer for the hens to hatch ... this is my idea, I don't know, I'm just thinking.

Finally. One of life's greatest riddles has been solved. Is there anything Von Miller can't do? Well, besides basketball. He admitted he is terrible at it, so at least we won't have to worry about him actually signing with the Golden State Warriors.

Check out the entire story. It's worth the read!

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