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John Elway was everyone’s nemesis in the AFC West

Every team has a quarterback in their history that terrorized them throughout their careers. John Elway certainly gave the entire AFC West fits for 16 long seasons.

John Elway #7

As a player, John Elway was every AFC West teams’ nemesis. In all of history, no other quarterback has terrorized the division more. At least according to the statistical analysis from Football Perspective.

The first breakdown came from total passing yards.

Team Nemesis Passing Yards Games
SEA John Elway 7013 30
KAN John Elway 6606 29
SDG John Elway 6548 31
OAK John Elway 5851 28
DEN Dan Fouts 5612 22

Elway torched the AFC West in his 16 seasons, while Dan Fouts torched the Denver Broncos. Fouts did it in far fewer games, too.

Passing yards are good, but touchdowns is where the winning is. Fouts stole the Oakland Raiders nemesis title away from Elway, but few could match what former San Diego Chargers quarterback John Hadl did to those woeful Broncos teams of the 60s and early 70s.

The second breakdown is from passing touchdowns.

Team Nemesis Passing Touchdowns Games
SEA John Elway 44 30
SDG John Elway 38 31
KAN John Elway 28 29
OAK Dan Fouts 36 24
DEN John Hadl 43 23

Anyway, this was a fun little post from a few years ago that caught my attention today. It was nice to have Peyton Manning around for a few years to remind us all how much fun it is to dominate a division again.