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Vote for your favorite former authors of Mile High Report

The people who built this site into what it is today are ready to take your votes.

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Continuing with the Mile High Report Hall of Fame Class of 2016, it's time to pick our favorite former staff writers.

As a current and relatively new staff writer, I love the nominations for this post the most because it gives me an opportunity to dig into the past on MHR and revel in the magnitude of informative and entertaining prose written about this team.

Every name listed below is responsible for this site being what it is today, and their contributions to the Broncos and the blogosphere are immeasurable.

Still, we'd like to honor the best of the best in the Hall of Fame, so vote for your favorites here to find out who will join Kaptain Kirk, John Bena and Bronco Mike in the HOF!


AUTHOR Hall of Fame

For many like me, mdierk represents a current member who always contributes thought-provoking comments that almost always include a bit of humor too. But for many others, mdierk also represents some of the early guard at MHR who helped fans understand as well as enjoy football - and especially the Broncos.

MHR's current managing editor Tim Lynch - who knows a few things about writing tons of Horse Tracks posts - nominated mdierk in part for his HT prowess:

Few have carried the mantle of Horse Tracks for as long as he did way back when.

But make no mistake. That's not all mdierk has contributed. And even as a former staff writer, mdierk has contributed a very popular series here, "Unfinished Business," which ended nicely in a "finished business" post after that fantastic Super Bowl win.

Brian Shrout

A resident Broncos historian, Shrout always had cool historical facts to share. KRONK-00 nominated Shrout saying he "liked The Water-cooler Quarterbacks series, as well as the historical focus he brought to his Bronco coverage. He was always digging up stories about players or games that happened in the long, long ago."

OrangeandBluesBros added that Shrout was "the predecessor to [current staff writer] Joe Mahoney when it comes to stats."

You can see all of Shrout's former posts here, including this final post preceding the fateful Broncos-Bengals game in 2014.


Troy Hufford (Kentucky Bronco)

Troy Hufford was a staff member since 2009 and kept writing through the 2012-13 season (y'know the one that ended with, um, a little disappointment?) It's safe to say that Hufford got to write during some of the most tumultuous years in Denver (ie, McDaniels) as well as some of the craziest (Tebow) and the most exciting (Manning's first season here).

It's also noteworthy that Hufford acknowledged he had (wrongfully) criticized Elway for taking Von Miller in the first round.

Topher Doll nominated Hufford with a very simple but strong recommendation:

He and I joined the staff at a similar time and was probably the best combination of humility and intelligence I've ever seen.

Colby Meuller

Topher Doll had another glowing nomination for Meuller, whose MHR blogging career began like so many here - first as a regular fanposter and then a staff member:

No one put up with the mocking of his noble Canadian heritage while also writing hilarious articles like him.

hoosierteacher (Steve Nichols)

As the creator of "MHR University," hoosierteacher was highlighted as a "classic classroom football guru" as well as a mentor for writers here. To see many of those outstanding posts, check out his bio here. But for a classic MHR University post AND one about a favorite topic at MHR - the offensive line - this post will remain a useful one every single year.

Stay 22 noted in his recommendation:

I had been watching football for 30 some years. Thought I knew a lot about it. First week I spent reading MHR, I found out I didn't know $hit. It took me a year to even join MHR, then another to actually comment on something. Why? Because of what Steve had taught the members and the staff.

Jeremy Bolander (Styg50)


After some debate about whether fellow member Styg50 (and others) could be nominated in two categories, it was determined that he's eligible for both. Because...why not? When you provide deep knowledge as a former writer and a current member, you should be rewarded.

This year he's being nominated as a former staff writer, highlighted by many for how much knowledge he continues to share at MHR.

Fabio Bronco "echoed" Topher Doll's nomination, saying "he taught me a huge amount about Xs and Os in life."

All of his posts can be read here, and you'll notice by the number of comments just how popular they continue to be.

Vote now for MHR Hall of Fame - Authors

And as always, let us know your choices if you'd like!